Trump pledges 'lasting support' to US relations with Britain

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(Worthy News) - US President Donald Trump on Friday pledged America’s “lasting support” to the US’s historic “special relationship” with Britain after he emerged from his first meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May, leader of an ally who seeks to nudge the populist president toward the political mainstream.

May also said Trump had vowed “100 percent” support for the NATO alliance, an organization he has called “obsolete.” [ Source ]

Prime Minister May Aligns the UK With GOP on Israel and Iran

"The nuclear deal with Iran was controversial," UK Prime Minister May said. "But it has neutralized the possibility of the Iranians acquiring nuclear weapons for more than a decade. It has seen Iran remove 13,000 centrifuges together with associated infrastructure and eliminate its stock of 20% enriched uranium. That was vitally important for regional security."

"The agreement must now be very carefully and rigorously policed– and any breaches should be dealt with firmly and immediately," she said, also vowing to fight against Iran's "aggressive efforts to build an arc of influence from Tehran through to the Mediterranean."

"And whether it is the security of Israel in the Middle East or Estonia in the Baltic states, we must always stand up for our friends and allies in democratic countries that find themselves in tough neighborhoods too," she added.  [ Source ]

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  1. Iran has not been neutralized at all. It now can buy whatever it wants to, and has, since the sanctions were lifted. Saying something is so, only makes it so, for God. Israeli's know this too. May and Trump are both saying what we plebs want to hear. Just as false prophets tell the people false hope and good times while reality moves on.

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