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U.S. warplane shoots down Syrian jet

Monday, June 19, 2017 | Tag Cloud

OPERATION NOBLE EAGLE (AFIE) -- Two F-15 Eagles from the Massachusetts Air National Guard’s 102nd Fighter Wing fly a combat air patrol mission over New York City in support of Operation Noble Eagle. North American Aerospace Defense Command has more than 100 ANG and Air Force Reserve fighters from 26 locations providing homeland defense, with another 100 fighters backing them up. (U.S. Air Force photo by Lt. Col. Bill Ramsay) (VIRIN: 011106-F-4308R-035)

(Worthy News) - The convoluted war zone in Syria grew more complicated Sunday with the downing of a government warplane by an American jet defending U.S.-backed coalition forces battling the Islamic State and, for the first time, direct action against the insurgent terror group by Iran, which fired ballistic missiles at Islamic State targets in Syria.

The American shootdown of the Syrian jet took place near the Syrian town of Ja’Din, located south of Tabqa dam, the coalition’s main logistics and air support hub for the ongoing assault to drive the terror group also known as ISIS or ISIL from their self-styled capital of Raqqa, according to a Pentagon statement.

“Pro Syrian regime forces” had launched an attack on Ja’Din Sunday afternoon, retaking the town from the Syrian Democratic Forces, or SDF, the network of Arab and Kurdish militias tasked by the U.S. coalition with liberating Raqqa. [ Source ]

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Worthy Christian News » World News » U.S. warplane shoots down Syrian jet

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  1. It's hard for the American Military Machine to break old habits. From Viet Nam to Korea to Iraq to Libya to Syria to........................................................................
    Yet, the American Empire is crumbling. Thank God we don't have Hillary as President. We'd already be at war with Russia.

  2. .......or maybe that's exactly what the Pentagon is pushing for by shooting down a Syrian jet that is fighting against ISIS.
    Which side is the Pentagon on? The same as when the illegal Kenyan President Obama was in office? Or doesn't a new President make any difference to the Pentagon's New World Order policy?

  3. Every war the US has fought after WWII has been unconstitutional and had negative effects on those countries the US invaded. And of course many died.

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Worthy Christian News » World News » U.S. warplane shoots down Syrian jet