Worthy Christian News » U.S. Headlines » Trump's debt deal was better than Paul Ryan's, many Republicans admit

Trump's debt deal was better than Paul Ryan's, many Republicans admit

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(Worthy News) - President Trump shocked and angered Republicans on Wednesday by agreeing with Democrats on a bill to suspend the debt ceiling for three months, but by Thursday, Republican lawmakers and aides were acknowledging that Trump's plan was better for Republicans than the plan put forward by House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis.

Many Republicans weren't all that happy with either proposal. Ryan was proposing an 18-month suspension of the debt ceiling that would have let the government keep borrowing as much as it needed, and said the long time frame was needed to provide for market stability.

But Democrats said they could only agree to a three-month suspension since they wanted leverage more immediately for other issues they want to pursue in the coming weeks. Trump's decision to take the Democratic plan was seen by some as a betrayal of Republicans, and a sign Trump was abandoning the GOP on a key legislative package.

After the dust settled, however, Republican lawmakers and aides made it clear they saw the three-month plan as a slight improvement over Ryan's plan. [ Source: Washington Examiner (Read More...) ]

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Worthy Christian News » U.S. Headlines » Trump's debt deal was better than Paul Ryan's, many Republicans admit

1 thought on “Trump's debt deal was better than Paul Ryan's, many Republicans admit

  1. When Obama came up with Obamacare, people like Sarah Palin and Republican leaders galore kept predicting that it would kill off old people and severely disabled persons. Ever wonder why? How did they immediately draw such wild conclusions?

    Because the Republicans know what their plans are, they know what their tactics are, they know whom their counterparts in the medical industry (yes, industry) believe and hope to do; what the values Republican doctors, nurses, healthcare workers have.

    It is the "bleeding heart liberals" who do not pretend to love all, they know exactly what they want to practice as far as abortion and euthanasia and do not pretend where and whom they consider "expendable." Republicans lie even to themselves. Where are all those ready, willing, and able adoptive parents for when abortion is once more ruled illegal in the USA? It might be a muchly reduced USA by then, but I think it will happen someday. Make no mistake I agree that legalized abortion here in the USA or any country should be make a crime once again. Perhaps if it is truly a case where both mother and baby will die, a mother can be saved by terminating a baby obviously dying already.

    Even the Roman Catholic Church has allowed for that all along, the people who made planning for married couples children, spacing them if possible, a mortal sin.

    It is Conservatives that wouldn't heal for free (or even low cost) on their Sabbath (or anyone else's). Republican doctors know full well that they want those who can't pay for it to die. Rich elderly, if they can afford good care (never mind if it still exists in the USA) can buy it. Republican (doctors, nurses, law enforcement etc) have no issue with anyone paying for medical care, providing race doesn't also get in the way.

    How did the UK survive the Great Recession? By culling their herds. They cut their A&E (ER/ED) budgets so far that it's a national scandal. Elder abuse in assisted living centers rocks with public displays via hidden cameras on YouTube. Babies are made to die even though their parents raise the funds themselves to fly them out of the country, and Popes and US Presidents (try to) help. It was, and is, culling the herd. They couldn't legalize it the way Hitler did (he killed "defectives" not just Jews) so they cut the budgets to kill off those that cost their NHS (National Health System) bunches.

    And that is exactly what Trump and his first crews planned to do to us, cull the herd. Until God just culled it for us and it appears He is not done yet.

    So now, Trump is now "between a rock and a hard place" with Texas reeling from Harvey and both Irma and Jose breathing dragon-winds down Florida and a few other States. And actual (dragon) fire burning up CA, OR, and WA while smoking most of the Midwest USA. He'll never get re-elected, no Republican will, if they cut Obamacare right now, if they don't have any social conscience (network) to the hundreds of thousands of US citizens rendered homeless at just "such a time as this." Some of them are the rich folks that they need on their sides.

    Pray that God's will be done?

    Then, accept His answer.

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Worthy Christian News » U.S. Headlines » Trump's debt deal was better than Paul Ryan's, many Republicans admit