Russia-Financed Facebook Ads Had Diverse Targets

(Worthy News) - Russia-financed Facebook ads turned over to congressional panels show that Democratic strongholds like California, New York and Maryland were targeted along with the battleground states of Wisconsin and Michigan, according to a Republican official on the House Intelligence Committee.

The broad range of issues addressed in the ads, including the Black Lives Matter movement, is prompting some members of the House and Senate intelligence panels to conclude that Russia was aiming more to sow distrust among Americans than to help a particular candidate.

"We have not come to any determination on any collusion or Russia’s preferences" in the outcome of the U.S. election, Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr told reporters at a news conference Wednesday. The theme, he added, was "to create chaos at every level." [ Source: Bloomberg (Read More...) ]

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  1. Haha does not matter what Russia dud or did not do during tge election. No way was i ever going to vote for Hillary Clinton.

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