FBI Finally Investigates Planned Parenthood’s Human Remains Trafficking Scheme

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(Worthy News) - After years of investigations that began primarily due to whistleblower videos, the FBI has finally decided to investigate Planned Parenthood for trafficking in human remains from abortion. Between that and the Center for Medical Progress’s latest undercover video showing how PP colluded with medical company StemExpress to sell the most aborted baby parts for the most profit, the GOP should finally defund this shady organization that still receives a large guaranteed taxpayer subsidy.

Last week, The Hill reported that the FBI is seeking thousands of pages of unredacted documents from the Senate Judiciary Committee’s investigation and criminal referrals of Planned Parenthood and StemExpress. Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed in congressional testimony that the referrals’ findings could form the basis of criminal charges against Planned Parenthood and StemExpress, once verified by the Department of Justice. [ Source: The Federalist (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “FBI Finally Investigates Planned Parenthood’s Human Remains Trafficking Scheme”

  1. Better late than never.

    While they're at it, since the FBI now finally has the authority (from the White House, we may assume), let's find out just how many underage abortions have happened to minor's whose rapes went unreported.

    If we knew that, there'd be a real clue finally, as to just how many rapists are running around loose in American society.

    Talk about covering up for Pedophiles and Rapists.

    Even the Providence hospitals (Sister's of Providence and/or their staffs) in Alaska did so, aborting the offspring of their now infamous sexually active Priests. The Fairbanks Diocese in Alaska was one of the first nationwide to have to file bankruptcy because victims (mostly Alaskan Native peoples) sued in Civil Court. That's how much help Law Enforcement in there, they let all the priests "leave town" aka the State. Not an easy thing to do when you have to fly out or go by slow ferry round or over Canada. Much later, Ireland and Europe and others got on that bandwagon too.

    The corruptions, as we have seen with the selling of baby parts (God, is there anything worse?) means PP has covered up massively, for decades, not just this year or the last, for child (and women) rapists. While they were abusing altar boys too.

    I believe it is federal law now that PP was supposed to report all rapes. If not, is there a US State that doesn't have laws requiring it? PP touts "privacy" issues but the alleged rapist has no right to not be named to law enforcement for his crime.

    Who asked the parents/guardians of so abused children to keep it silent? The rapist? The numbers and locality, at least, surely, should have been reported to Law Enforcement. Who's been paying US police to look the other way?

    Now, we see PP putting up banners on municipal buses saying how many Mammograms they've done this year. Like any women needed PP to do them? Like the free-Mammogram programs don't and didn't already use lots of other providers?

    Planned Parenthood is fighting hard, but it's not just selling off the baby's parts they've kept hidden for so long. PP is the worst at nationwide systemic covering up for rapists and pedophiles (of young girls and grown women, plus others) that we know of. No other group has anywhere near as many victims, mostly because they've been doing this whole "business as usual" since 1972, at least.

    Rapists and Pedophiles in the USA have had no better friend than Planned Parenthood. The USA could have taken them on on just these points alone, and defunded them for it, but didn't.


    Because selling off (unborn) baby parts is just the very tip of this unspeakable iceberg's evil.

    When the Bible (in the NT) calls something "doctrines of demons" that's where Planned Parenthood was devised, in hell. Selling baby parts is/was just one of their many fund raising programs.

    Look at the other income producers.

    Follow the money.

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