Opposition to same-sex marriage boosts presidential candidate in Costa Rica

(Worthy News) - A popular revolt against the imposition of same-sex marriage has transformed the political landscape of Costa Rica, propelling a once-obscure Christian evangelical singer to a first-place finish in presidential voting this month and putting the outspoken critic of gay marriage in a strong position to win the spring runoff.

In a crowded field, Fabricio Alvarado catapulted from afterthought to front-runner in the wake of a January ruling that seemed to pave the way for same-sex unions in the largely Catholic Central American nation. Mr. Alvarado, 43, the candidate of the minuscule conservative National Restoration Party, vowed to defy the order issued by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

He will now face the progressive candidate Carlos Alvarado — no relation — in an April 1 runoff. [ Source: Washington Times (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Opposition to same-sex marriage boosts presidential candidate in Costa Rica”

  1. If more and more people will rise up to defend natural sexuality and the human family, it will reverberate through out the Western world and this perversion will stop. Sodomy is an abomination and it is ans insult to human civilization.

    All it requires for evil to perpetrate in society is for good people to stay quiet and say nothing. Sodomy and its new nomenclature homosexuality or gay, is an old barbaric and backward practice ancient people banned. Today such a perversion is considered love, human right and discrimination.

    Every sexual sin; fornication, adultery, bestiality, incest, pedophilia,

  2. Unfortunately this day and age is the "end time"!! We don't have to tolerate it but we should not be surprised that people will be mislead to accept these things which if I live to be 125 (75now), I will never accept or condone this disgusting practice. Judgement is on its way so I would say to those who are so misled - think again or you burn! Turn to Jesus!

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