Kansas GOP Affirms 'God's Design for Gender,' Opposes Transgender Identity in New Resolution

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(Worthy News) - The Republican Party in the state of Kansas on Saturday moved to affirm "God's design for gender as determined by biological sex," not "self-perception."

The Republican Party's state committee in the Sunflower State passed a resolution on human sexuality at the state Republican convention over the weekend that states direct opposition of "all efforts to validate transgender identity."

The resolution not only affirms "God's design for gender" but also expresses opposition to hormone therapy and surgical methods to help transgender people alter their bodies to match their "perceived gender identity." [ Source: Christian Post (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Kansas GOP Affirms 'God's Design for Gender,' Opposes Transgender Identity in New Resolution”

  1. This gender identity is really about "choice" as a result of the "US Sexual Revolution of the 60's" which really only took hold nationally in the early 1970's. It began, first, as a result of the overturning of US laws forbidding the advertising and some state's laws against contraception. Those laws were holdovers from Catholic rules against it. Even now, many Protestants have never broken with old Catholic customs/rules. Think Sunday sabbaths and the calling of their congregations "church."

    People like to say that Roe v Wade was the first time abortion was, and that it turned the tide on abortion. That is not true. Abortion, in some US States (i.e. Washington State, Alaska) began to allow abortion in the 1960's, just as various US States now allow marijuana use, etc., while federal law still disallows them. US States often make legal (think, Sanctuary States) what federal law has not legalized.

    With abortion legalized, it then allowed women the same (ungodly) "right" to
    Choose to behave like the animals so many males had behaved as, for millennium. Yet, it was more than that, so much freedom allows women to behave like the prostitutes and courtisans both males and females had been, since the first mother aborted her own unborn child to be so. It is worth saying that some females in the industry of prostitution are raised without god and more than a few are forced to endure unwilling abortions (i.e. China's One Child Policy).

    Even the pro-abortion slogan is "Pro-Choice" and Planned Parenthood, since it was outed as the baby parts traffickers they've been for 40 plus years, has turned to this very subject, doing the hormone treatments for the Trans communities. Notice that many of their "patients" are barely into their teens, hardly adults making adult decisions yet.

    Think on it for a minute, how did those ancient prostitutes get away with only having no, or so few, children while engaging in more sex than your mother or grandmother ever had? Abortion and various other contraceptive methods. But prostitutes, by definition, are not using the Rhythm Method. The IUD was not invented until the 1960's either.

    So, now, we have two generations grown up on the premise that anything can happen. "You Can Be All You Can Be" and even change your sex if you have enough money, or can move to a US State (or become a refugee in, say, the UK) that provides such "medical care" via it's Medicaid systems. Some US States do, such as Oregon.

    What no one in the GOP is paying attention to, is some of these same kids are finding the choices they can make so difficult that they now can choose also to be an X gender. That's "No Gender" at all. They even are allowed surgery (breasts removed!) to make that happen.

    The problem is much more than singling out one choice or another. This is what happens when humans make up their own laws, then modify them, make up some more laws, modify (ammend) them too, revoke some laws, make up some more - generation after generation after generation. Like that works?

    Columbine would not have happened if the USA, as a whole, obeyed the 10 commandments. Israel would not have it's current troubles if it had obeyed it's God's commandments to them. We don't need human laws, we need to obey God's.

    Murder is illegal but Justice for the victims (and communities) of murderers no longer exists in the USA. It's not enough that we make laws. Spousal rape is illegal in most of the US States, when do law enforcement plan to enforce that one?

    We've gave them "the choice" and now the Kansas GOP wants to put the genie back in the bottle?

    Good luck with that one.

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