Regime change in Iran is goal of Trump’s sanctions, tough U.S. terms, analysts say

(Worthy News) - President Trump says he hopes “maximum pressure” sanctions will coerce Iran into accepting a better and stronger nuclear deal, but with Tehran unlikely to accept concessions being demanded by the White House, many are beginning to suggest that the administration’s actual goal is regime change.

National Security Adviser John R. Bolton long argued for overthrowing Iran’s theocratic government prior to joining the administration a few weeks ago. Now in the White House, Mr. Bolton says the goal is to make the existing government in Tehran halt its “unacceptable behavior” on several fronts, such as backing proxies in Syria and Yemen, testing ballistic missiles and acting as “the central banker of international terrorism.”

Some analysts say the plan would work and that European countries clinging to the 2015 nuclear deal would come around and embrace Mr. Trump’s approach, but longtime regional observers see little success in overturning the regime in Tehran. [ Source: Washington Times (Read More...) ]

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