Russia supports Syria, Iran ramps up support to Hezbollah

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(Worthy News) - Iran reportedly delivered GPS components to Hezbollah in Lebanon that will allow the group to transform rudimentary projectiles into precision-guided missiles, thereby increasing the threat to Israel. Western intelligence services believe Tehran has shifted its strategy by increasingly shipping weaponry directly to its proxy in Beirut, with a view to evading Israeli air strikes.

The Israel Defense Forces has over the past two years conducted hundreds of attacks in Syria to prevent such arms deliveries.

Meanwhile, Russia last week upped its military support to the Assad regime with the transfer of three S-300PM-2 missile batteries whose radar and communication technologies are more sophisticated than those of the model deployed to Syria at the beginning of the month. [ Source: Jerusalem Post (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Russia supports Syria, Iran ramps up support to Hezbollah”

  1. Yes, but Russia does NOT support Hezbollah or Iran! Let's not conclude by inference that since they both support Syria that they are in concert with each other. They are not! Russia supports the legal government of Syria. Iran supports the rebel Hezbollah to increase it's influence in the region and gain leverage on Israel.

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