Softly, softly for now, British PM May's enforcers gear up for big Brexit vote

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(Worthy News) - Less than five months before Britain leaves the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May’s parliamentary enforcers are on the prowl.

For now, the government “whips” whose job it is to ensure parliament backs whatever Brexit deal May agrees with Brussels are taking a softly-softly approach. But Chief Whip Julian Smith and his team have a powerful armory at their disposal to force politicians into line.

With an agreement most likely to go before lawmakers later this year, May’s team and the whips she appointed are quietly sounding out who might vote against it, several politicians told Reuters. [ Source: Reuters (Read More...) ]

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  1. Theresa May does not want a full Brexit of the U.K. from the E.U. Now, she's going to do all she can to force a partial exit. This is NOT what the British People voted for. She needs to be removed ....... with rotten tomatoes if necessary.

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