GA Dem Called Heartbeat Bill 'Abominable and Evil,' 'Bad for Morality,' Implying Abortion Is Morally Superior

(Worthy News) - Planned Parenthood leaders are calling Georgia's heartbeat bill "blatantly unconstitutional." That's to be expected. But what's somewhat surprising was the way the Democratic Party's former candidate for governor described it.

Stacey Abrams, the former speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives who nearly won the governor's race in 2018, called the pro-life bill "abominable and evil." Those two words are usually used by pro-lifers in describing the horrors of abortion, not the other way around.

In her MSNBC interview, Abrams went on to say the heartbeat bill is "bad for morality and our humanity." [ Source: CBN News (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “GA Dem Called Heartbeat Bill 'Abominable and Evil,' 'Bad for Morality,' Implying Abortion Is Morally Superior”

  1. See, this is about women being able to live like men. It's really not so much about the unborn child. That is, to the Pro Choice (aka abortion) people. What they are concerned with is not some unborn infant, they don't care about that. What they do care about is equitable rights. equal roles for both male and female. And now, nonbinary and asexual and transgender etc. I had to include "etc" because some of us can not keep up with all the genders now.

    What's really at stake for those who are pro-abortion is the "freedom" biological women might have curtailed, should Roe v Wade and abortion be outlawed once again. Pro-Lifer's often do not realize what this fight is all about.

    What abortion does is eradicate the evidence of fornication, rape, adultery and/or incest. The whole point of abortion (in 99% of cases) is to cover up sin. That's what biblical blood sacrifices were to do, under the Mosaic Law, it's one of the main reasons men (and women) of God sacrificed on altars to our God back before Moses too. When people believe there is not sin (no transgression) in fornicating, they likewise believe what results from it need only to be washed away. We all have been deceived and when we want to hear the unborn isn't a human being, there are plenty to tell them that lie. Therefore, they can just keep on fornicating until they get too old and ugly to keep doing it. Likewise, adultery is just a small step once the first boundary of marriage is broken (fornication). People take about "gateway drugs" and in the realm of sexual sins, fornication is the first gateway transgressed.

    Contrary to popular Christian teachings, the first institution that God created (OT or NT) is not The Church. It is marriage. Which is supposed to be the beginning of "family." And even for those who never have any children of their own, through no fault of theirs, a marriage itself constitutes a "family" and always has done so. For example Abram and Sara (later named Abraham and Sarah).

    The "evidence" of so many women having the freedom to "be all you can be" and "you can do anything" and "because I'm worth it!" trash is a pregnancy out of wedlock. However, that "evidence" is a human life, the unborn, a baby, a fetus. "A rose by any other name..." is still a human being, in this instance.

    Let's see what would happen if abortion once again is outlawed. What to do with all the unborn from all the pregnancies then not allowed to be hidden and kept secret. And what about the freedom (finally) for all those who never succumbed to the nuclear option of abortion, what to do with the disgust for "mothers" who have already killed off their infants before they were born. That peer pressure disgust and horror could and would go overt. Right now, it is mostly kept silent (mainstream).

    "Wouldn't it be unfair?" people like this man who has it all upsidedownbackwards, would ask. Women would no longer have the "freedom" to act like men who live and have lived as (male) sluts all along. Men who do not have to then "wear" life defining consequences (so much of the time) really means that via abortions women have the "right" to go out and act like the men who have been able to get away with since, well, before the Flood. That's not really a gift, it's more of a temptation to sin which so many females have fallen for since 1969 in the USA, and Canada, and the UK...

    Truth be told, since getting an abortion is tied up with keeping that info private (in the USA) no one knows just how many professional women's careers are built on the small living bodies they put on the pyre of human sacrifice called Abortion. For some of those "professional women" it could be 5 or more kids killed, for each one of their careers. Just how of her own infants has that female Gynecologist, or Oncologist, your mother or sister has, killed to be able to devote enough time to get where she is today? Realistically, it's usually less then 5 abortions each.

    This struggle whole factions of our society has, on this subject, is not just about their "freedom" to go act like the male prostitutes of old have all along, it's about cultural norms such as putting marriage off until after college when just how is any adult supposed to not get any physical affection for 6 years? During the years their hormones are telling them to go get it the most? It up-ends society as a whole. Not that it shouldn't be done, yes, it needs to be returned to families. That's what adultery does, it breaks families apart. Adultery and fornication go hand in hand. Up until abortion became legal in the USA, adultery was outlawed in some US States. Fornication might still be illegal in Idaho, though they only prosecuted it if a child was brought into the world on welfare there. So much for Christian values there. What was her other option? Let's see, adoption, abortion, or ?

    So, when Christians look and see some great female leader, her college education may very well have be paid for by the murder of her own child or even children. They were just not born yet. Like maternal love begins and end at the moment of birth? And if she'd given birth to all her children, she'd have either had to let someone else raise the child (which we already do by way of government subsidized Child Care) or put off her college/university education and career. Some careers are time sensitive.

    If women no longer could just abort the pregnancies that got away from them, the ones their other birth control options failed to stop, what about intimacy? What about marriages? What about their "right" to sex? Men still get to go be sinners, but women would be expected to what?

    This stuff is about lifestyles. The unborn do not mean anything to ProChoice peoples. They do not understand taking up ones cross or laying down ones life for another. They do not live that way, their lives are built on "throwing someone under the bus." And they are not shy to say that is true.

    That's really what these Pro-Choice people are complaining about. Women would lose what they have "gained" through abortions. Self is the new idol. All sorts of things are sacrificed to the idols of Self and Selfishness. Just as the New Testament says would happen. Women spend whole inheritances to "take care of (them)Selves. The abort until it's convenient, whereupon IVF needs to be done, just to then get pregnant.

    The rabid fornications of the 70's, and after, have left us all with a society wherein no one knows who is a murderer/murderess. Even Pastor's wives are often so ignorant as to "support" their friends (because that's what you do for friends, support them) and teens in their churches to go get abortion but fail to even notice that's not "friendship" or being a friend (to give her a ride to the abortion clinic). It's called being an Accomplice.

    God will judge.

    Thank God, our God will judge.

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