Federal Court Punishes Philly Faith-Based Foster Care Agency Over Biblical Views on Marriage

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(Worthy News) - A federal appeals court has upheld a new Philadelphia city policy that forbids Catholic Social Services from placing foster children with families due to the agency's longstanding religious beliefs about marriage.

As CBN News reported, Catholic Social Services has partnered with the city for over 50 years in placing foster children with families. Last year, the city threatened to close the agency because it disagreed with the agency's biblical belief that marriage is between one man and one woman -- even though not one LGBTQ couple had applied with the agency.

Represented by Becket, a non-profit public-interest law firm, Sharonell Fulton, a single mother who has fostered more than 40 children in 26 years, joined other foster parents licensed through Catholic Social Services to file a lawsuit against the city. [ Source: CBN News (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Federal Court Punishes Philly Faith-Based Foster Care Agency Over Biblical Views on Marriage”

  1. Oh please.

    I thought you said this was going to be a Christian foster care agency.

    The Catholic Social Services are as much into promoting Psycho-heresy than even the state foster care agencies are. It's not "faith-based." Okay, they have a right opinion on Marriage. I know atheists who are against abortion, that doesn't make them "faith-based" anythings. Only "right," on that subject. I know of pagan family men who put Christian family men to public shame by the way they are financially responsible for all their children and extended family members.

    FYI, it was the Catholic Social Services and the hospitals run by the various medical orders of Catholic Sisters who brought mainstream the (then) new Psychology. Giving us today, slavery for many a public school kid with ignorant parents about Psychology's true motives for "helping" kids.

    Every CSS foster care approved parent (foster ,or adoptive) has to be approved by the standards of Psychology. Catholics love to be persecuted. They love to suffer or to make others suffer. They created this mess!

    It is Psychology that turned homosexuality from rightly being labelled a mental illness into no longer classified as a mental illness. And they did that by putting it to a simple vote of the members of the APA (American Psychological Assoaciation) after it has been so listed, as an MI, for quite some time. Don't believe me? Have a look at the real (solid Christians) Martin and Deidre Bobgan's, Psychoheresy Awareness Ministries (.org). There are secular, Christians, Psychiatrists, you name it, who've come out against all that yuck we stick all subsequent generations with.

    First, Catholics in the medical fields (and as Hospital Administrators) brought us psycho-Babel, and then, they threw all their pedo priests to it, trying to fix them too. Oh, look at how well that worked out. No wonder. Catholicism left Christ a long time ago. How dare Worthy News call them "faith-based." It knows better!

    Now, they've done it again, Psychologists went on to vote another few things out of their real bible, the DSM VI. Even Psychologists call it (smilingly) their "bible." There now is no thought, no action, that is no longer labelled a mental illness. Every thought and action is now found a mental illness in the DSM VI. Not joking.

    And now, now? Catholic Social Services wants to keep gays and lesbians from adopting or being qualified as foster parents?

    Real Christians can't become foster parents anymore. That was the goal. Because all foster care is regulated. It takes more than just a Home Approval. Few adoptions can be passed by Christians now also. Wait until abortion gets overturned. And Christians who know better than to accept lifelong curses (ie MI labels) for themselves or the children they plan to adopt, will fail to qualify. Maybe a few do by some miracles of God. But not many. Only a very tiny can pass. They'd have to fool the examiner that they follow Psycho's rules, not God's.

    CSS a "Christian" "faith-based" outfit, that's funny. I guess the writer never had to go to one and get clothes, or food, from one...then, they'd know.

  2. It's no longer just a few parents that got damaged by the secular courts, who know what's really going on, because some Pastor and/or Elders/Deacons abdicated the responsibilities that come with that title. And the wife was hung out to dry like she was easily "replaceable." Or the husband was. or they both were, so the kids now grown up have figured out there is a war against the family, marriage, and all followers of Christ/Messiah.

    While we were in Iraq the first time, while we were in Kuwait, and Libya, the war was on here at home. Now that US Senators etc openly attack a sitting US President, if anyone doubts we have a domestic war on, they should be run out of office.

    Take a look at the roots of that war. Take a look at the politicals who were most shocked when God put His man in instead. Take a look at Psychology which gave us extortion for everyone. So much so, that Pelosi even tries it on Trump, while he is in Office.

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