Kansas' new governor vetoes abortion 'reversal' rule, setting up showdown with GOP

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(Worthy News) - Kansas' new governor vetoed a bill Monday that would require doctors and abortion clinics to tell their patients about a disputed treatment meant to stop a medication abortion.

The veto from Gov. Laura Kelly, a Democrat, sets up a showdown with a Republican-dominated legislature that appears to have the two-thirds majorities needed in both chambers to override the veto. Legislators are scheduled to return from a weeks-long break May 1.

The bill would require abortion clinics to display a sign notifying women that they could stop a medication abortion by taking the hormone progesterone -- even if they have already taken Mifepristone, the first of two drugs used in the procedure -- and doctors would have to tell a patient in writing that a medication abortion could be reversed. A clinic that failed to post a sign could be fined $10,000, and a doctor who failed to notify a patient could be charged with a misdemeanor for a first offense and a felony for a second. [ Source: Fox News (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Kansas' new governor vetoes abortion 'reversal' rule, setting up showdown with GOP”

  1. Awesome.

    Isn't it wonderful? I mean, that at least, work and headway is being made on the killing of the most vulnerable. Who cares if the old ones die off by hook or by crook, or by the neglect of most everyone to do anything about saving them too.

    It is wonderful that so many Believer's and others are now, finally, working to get the killing of the babies in our land, reversed. Better late than never.

    Does this group know about the lessons of Passover? How a final curse which Egypt's own ruler had placed, again, on every one of the firstborn sons of the Israelites, was literally reversed? And that the (One True) God (Elohim) did so with a vengeance? Not a complete vengeance. He didn't kill them all. But he turned their death sentence around so that every first born son of all the Egyptians as well as on all their livestock too. Just to let Pharaoh, and all his Egyptians, know who really was/is God.

    There's an important lesson in here. The shed blood of our Lamb (our Christ) for sinner slain, reverses the curses of even rulers. Esp when they are to cause harm to Believer's and/or their families. Don't have faith like that? Okay. Only "all" your ability to trust in the Jewish Messiah, Christ Jesus, Y'shua, is necessary. Not the faith of, say, Abraham. Just all your ability. If it's for one second is all you can muster, give that second. If you can trust for an hour, do that. As I said, only your "all" is required. Of course, later, when you can trust Him for a whole day, again, only all of that day must you trust (have faith).

    So, the next time some nutcase curses you, or your family, or your own ruler (even a US President) just remember how powerful that shed blood of our Messiah is, and what it can do. As long as we leave the amount of the reversing of that curse to the God who provides it. Let Him be the Judge of how much mercy to end that curse or an evil one with. Let all mercy be unto Him to hand out. This is part and parcel with us forgiving our enemies. And letting (having faith that) our God can decide the rest.

    FYI, it works on DSM labels too. Because they are 20th-21st Century's literal "curses." And very powerful ones, at that. Only the shed blood of our "perfect" one (Christ/Messiah) can break the power of those things too. Trust (have faith) in God and it will set you free. The only thing we can do to save ourselves, is to put our trust/faith in the God and Father of our Lord/Master, Jesus/Y'shua.

    Get it?

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