Booker Goes Big for Abortion: 2020 Candidate Announces 'White House Office of Reproductive Freedom'

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(Worthy News) - Democrats are doubling down on their efforts to keep abortion access front-and-center after numerous states like Georgia and Alabama recently passed laws to restrict abortion.

Several Democratic presidential hopefuls are taking steps to prove they're the most pro-choice candidate.

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker says if elected president in 2020, he will create a "White House Office of Reproductive Freedom." [ Source: CBN News (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Booker Goes Big for Abortion: 2020 Candidate Announces 'White House Office of Reproductive Freedom'”

  1. As a woman, it is enlightening to see just how many professional women in the USA got there by killing infants. Enlightening and horrifying.

    In 1975, we (as new wives and mothers) began to call for, and hope for, female Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Not realizing that what we got in them, for the most part, were women who were murderers.

    We imagined they were like us. We didn't know, not until recently. It does explain why the female OBs and GYN's didn't turn out as we had hoped. They operate their practices like the males do. They (sometimes) are a bit more considerate but now that there are so many (preferred) females in these (and so many other medical fields) the male doctors have taken a page or two out of what female patients want. They have improved. Or more correctly, the medical schools have improved in what they teach and require of medical doctors now.

    Still, in the UK, they do not allow for those who object to abortion. In the USA, it was only one US President away that our healthcare providers lost jobs for not being willing to participate in infanticide here.

    If we, US Americans, had any idea how many of the people we stand next to in the U-Scan are murderers here on US soil, are murderers at the line to mail Christmas packages, at USPS or FedEx or UPS. If we had any idea of the surgeons putting their hands on us, of the ones we let put us under with anesthesia, we'd retch.

    So much is hidden. But now, now, we are seeing them. They are on SNL expressing their sickness as sanity and logic. They are on the View, and on the News daily.

    As these women (and men, and trans, and queers, and non-binaries) scream in Handmainden outfits, we can see. We can see they have totally blocked out the concept that getting rid of a baby already begun in theirs or a uterus, isn't murder. They likewise, totally ignore that it kills someone and some thing. It's nothing. It's having warts removed by a skilled professional, that's all it is to them. So, they jump to why would we be trying to stop them from having some "wart" removed. It's their body. Why would we, why do we, prevent them from taking care of their own body.

    They "deny" the truths of our argument. They totally deny any aspect that what is growing which they accept is called a fetus, is another human being, with it's own DNA. They weren't born with it in there, it's not some twin that died with them in utero. It's a brand new and growing human being. Every mother who wants her child not yet born, knows and accepts this truth. Those who do not want it, and abort is, are in Denial.

    That's what we are fighting here. Denial, when all know that it's a human being at 8.5 months along. And at 7 months gestation, everyone who works in a Baby NICU knows it very likely may live outside it's mothers uterus. Technology is about to present us with fake uteruses made out of sheep stuff. They've done it with lamb fetuses ejected too soon. Humans are not far off.

    The problem we are fighting is simple Denial on the part of the Pro-Choice people. Just as it was back in 1970. That is why, originally, States laws allowing for abortion did so only up to various stages of gestation of the baby-to-be in weeks. So, it was up to 6 weeks or up to 8 weeks of gestation. No one thought it right to abort at 6 months except those who wanted it done and those in the abortion industry who wanted to kill off as many little black babies (the founder of Planned Parenthood) as possible. And all her tribe in the dead fetus parts selling occupations.

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