Illinois House Declares Late-Term Abortion a ‘Right’

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(Worthy News) - Illinois Democrats are attempting to make it the most liberal state in America for abortion, declaring it a right and repealing nearly every limit on the practice.

On Tuesday evening, the Illinois House approved a measure to do away with nearly every abortion limit. The bill will loosen clinic inspection and safety standards, guarantee abortion until birth, and declare abortion a "fundamental right." House Democrats inserted it into a Senate bill during Memorial Day weekend, rushing the bill through a Sunday committee hearing. The amendment was introduced by Democratic state representative Kelly Cassidy, who had seen a standalone bill stall in committee. She did not respond to request for comment.

Cassidy defended the bill as a response to pro-life legislation passed in Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri. Rep. Avery Bourne, a Republican, took to the Illinois House floor prior to the vote to argue against the bill. [ Source: Washington Free Beacon (Read More...) ]

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13 thoughts on “Illinois House Declares Late-Term Abortion a ‘Right’”

  1. President should declare abortion illegal in extreme cases of danger to the mother, incest and rape. Then let all the baby murderers try to work it out in the courts to scrape up whatever other exceptions they can.

  2. The new Mason-Dixon line is along borders of states supporting the killing of babies and those that want to protect them.

  3. No but they're getting tornadoes this year.

    And so they should.

    So should all the US States that allow the murder and dismemberships of our most vulnerable (infants, unborn) and most innocent members of humanity- our next generation.

  4. Cassidy defended the bill as a response to pro-life legislation passed in Georgia, Alabama, and Missouri.

    How interesting. She did not defend it because of any moral imperative. It was a case they are doing this so we will do that. Hardly a convincing argument to legalize murder.

  5. So the state of Lincoln who fought to give slaves the right of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is declaring unborn children property and not humans. Shame on them.

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