Trump, May, World Leaders To Mark 75th Anniversary Of D-Day Invasion

President Donald Trump greets British Prime Minister Theresa May upon her arrival, Friday, Jan. 27, 2017, to the West Wing entrance of the White House in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

(Worthy News) - Britain's Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister Theresa May, and U.S. President Donald Trump are set to gather with other world leaders in southern England to mark the anniversary of the D-Day invasion during World War II.

The June 5 events will include other commemorative events in the port city of Portsmouth.

Aside from dozens of veterans, other world leaders scheduled to attend include French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"As we unite to pay tribute to those whose bravery and sacrifice on the beaches of Normandy marked a turning point in the Second World War, we will vow never to forget the debt we owe them," May said in a statement ahead of time. [ Source: Radio Free Europe (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Trump, May, World Leaders To Mark 75th Anniversary Of D-Day Invasion”

  1. Read the British news, online, today. If the media in the USA had ever so publicly abused and humiliated any of the royal family the way British news has been doing (especially) this week, while Trump and his family are the invited guests of the Queen, she and her sons, and grandsons, would have demanded (and gotten) apologies before setting foot back in the United States of America, ever again. It's just that rude. They insult our entire country.
    Does not one care. This is like the wife who is having "issues" with her husband and complains about him. Okay, I can talk about my husband. However, other people don't get to. And no one gets to attack my family because one (or more) of them are a few bricks short of anything. The same is true about Trump. The UK media has taken it far beyond murmurrings about Trump or that a bunch of US States may be against abortion. Sure, we have folks who embarrass us (in every family). Just as they do. But seriously, it's not the wives of Trump's sons, or Melania, his wife, we might hate, even if we are against the Wall. No wonder Baron Trump (their minor son) didn't go to London with them all. It's dangerous, and not from PETA.

    The stuff of yesterday was about as biased as can be. Remarks about Melania Trump's outfit on arrival (it had London images colorfully displayed on her shirt). Wow. Worthy of the front page, wasn't it? About the only woman (not really) in politics, in the USA, that most everyone loves. That one. That's the person they had to work hard to invent and then trash on their front pages. The truly abusive one was outright insults about the long white formal dress she wore to dinner with the Queen and both families. Hey, if I could look like that in a sheath dress...the only people who had maybe a right to comment are the Orthodox Jews in her own family, because it was sleeveless. Seriously.

    Oh, I forgot, we all know a woman's worth is in the clothes she wears, right? And yet, has no one in the UK been watching what their Queen shows up in these days? Her "official" outfit wasn't way over the top? For dinner? And Camilla right there, at her side, the women who destroyed the home of their own Crown Prince, in the only knee length white dress of the three of them. The only royal mistress (until he married her) who hadn't a clue how to dress, ever. All three wore white. Methinks the UK media are not aware our First Lady may not have royal blood, or have married it, but she's got more class than Camilla ever had, "Lady," or not.

    Honestly, who in their right mind thinks either the 90 something Monarch or their baggy Mistress (she wasn't even the only mistress he had) cum wife of their Crown Prince could look better than Melania no matter what Mrs. Trump was wearing. Melania coulda shown up in golf shorts and a T and have looked better than Camilla. Vague insults about Melania's dress (which was also very modest too) looking like a political version of "I, Tonya" on ice, was just too obvious in all it's Jealousy. Tonya never had that figure for a formal dress. I never had that figure for a dress like that.

    The writer needed to go learn to check their knee jerk hatred of the US and it's President, and that Editor (whoever it was) needed to read the copy first. The UK's media's editors should have looked the stuff over before they printed it. Just saying Melania looked bad didn't make it so. I should look so bad. The Queen of England should have ever looked so bad. Ask her who looked best. She's observant. Hillary should weigh in on this one. Just like Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka together did, when US media got way out of hand. No one in the USA hates Melania Trump or did the UK media forget to fact check that first? A wife does not automatically agree with every hair brained Twitter her husband says. It's called recognition of Women's Rights, here in the USA. We know that in the US.

    Then, they went on to write about Trump's children being present like they too weren't invited. Really, they crashed the party? Is that even possible, to do that to the Queen of England and all the other places she has titles in, too? Next, it was insults all around about the young Trump wives outfits (formals). It was a bit hard to insult the men, they were all in, like, tuxedos. Musta been a good deal on renting a bunch of them verses just one. Even Trump's gut was remarked on, as he was going into dinner, as the Queen's escort. Pretty sure Trump is not the only head of state with a spare tire. His tux fit anyway, so why the bad press. Couldn't find anything really wrong with his politics to comment on instead? They didn't look very hard, then.

    People, Prince Andrew, the one who married and then had to divorce, the red headed "Fergie," has two daughters. Some of the outfits those two girls showed up to Wimbledon events in, and royal weddings, etc. went much lower than the Trump girls. No one ripped them apart. It was just bemused smiles, behind hands. Even the BBC got into this!

    The Queen wears a watch on over her over the elbow length white gloves. And that's just the beginning. she wears military medals with her diamonds dripping all down necklaces - to dinner! And you don't find the US media making fun or her for it, even though, even here in the USA, we know better. She's 90 something, we all just smile and Respect her and all the hard work she's done, mistakes, and errors, and all, anyway.

    The concept is called Respect. Though many in the USA have serious issues with various UK and/or GB policies and programs (they have the best cryobank for frozen embryos, for Research, in the world). Abortion is basically, On Demand. The NHS assists every healthy lesbian and gay person (not just couples) with IVF. Christians (and others) who refuse to participate in abortion procedures are often "sacked" (fired). The list goes on. It was only last year, last year people, that the United Kingdom outlawed child marriage. I kid you not.
    Well, better late than never. Where was the ridicule of the UK for that one? Huh?

    Where were the huge mocking balloons when Prince William and Princess Kate (it's proper titles when said that way) came to the USA to "visit"? Like that didn't cost US cities millions, too, for security. Where were the insults about Kate's choices of clothes? How about remarks about The Duke of Sussex? His wife's attire left much to be desired, occasionally, where was the British media publicly humiliating her? Oh, yeah, I forgot, they did some of that. Perhaps because she's "American" too? Thank God she had that baby, God only knows how long and hard their media would have been at her like the (apparent) dogs they are.

    Did the UK and it's media treat the head of Saudi Arabia this same way? Has China's head come to London? Or England? Any social complaints about Xi that the UK media can llay at the feet of the clothing style of his wife? Infants. The UK's media is acting like infants. And they know better. The Mayor of London give an okay to put aloft a huge balloon of Saudi's Ruler? Looking naked but for a diaper on? And left it up so he could see it and be shamed. Saudi Arabia just made it legal for women to drive cars. They might, someday, let Filipino housemaids who ran away from the slavery it turned out to be, go home. But GB wouldn't want to embarrass Saudi's ruler.

    On the day that Trump won the Presidency, UK news, print and online, got started with their hate fest. However, this not just Trump they are doing this to, it is the whole USA and we just let them do it without even a whimper. If Meghan Markle Windsor, now Duchess of Sussex, had not had a baby, the outright abuse of her, in exactly the same way (the same as what was done to Diana, former Princess of Wales) may not ever have been put to a stop.

    What is happening is we, in the USA, are simply letting the media (again, even the BBC) have at the person who most embodies the United States of America. In that way, too many in the UK and GB display their long pent up hatred of us, all of us, the whole of the United State of America. I will not just let this one pass. None of those of us who live here (in the USA) would (still) even think of insulting their Queen.

    They, on the other hand, insult, humiliate, are rude to, and eviscerate in their press, each and every family member (who stands with him) the President and Commander in Chief of the entire United States of America. Is the part where the UK is showing an alarming lack of respect for all of us, also, clear yet, or not? It's not just Trump. It's not even just his family. It's all of us they are doing this to. Each and every one of us regardless of our views concerning Trump's various new tariffs, or walls, or views on abortion, or views on immigration, etc.

    It's all of us they have gone over the top in hatred of.

    Yes, it is indeed "a special relationship."

    Who could have imagined that Trump would endure it?

    What I'm now wondering is, but will he? If he's like most (decent) men, he'll like them taking aim at Melania even less than I do. And I've never even met the woman. Someone should smooth out that offence before it sits and festers in Donald Trump's heart. He has one, you know.

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