Wycliffe Associates Seeks to Begin 10 Bible Translation Projects in Nation Where Evangelism Is Not Allowed

(Worthy News) - Wycliffe Associates, an international organization involving people in the advancement of Bible translation, is ready to begin Scripture translation for 10 languages in an undisclosed nation where the government fiercely opposes Christianity and evangelism is illegal.

There are 150 language groups in the country, and Christians from 10 language groups there want to begin translations using a Wycliffe Associates strategy called MAST, or Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation.

“Many Christians in this part of the world had resigned themselves to never seeing a Bible in their own heart language,” said Bruce Smith, President, and CEO of Wycliffe Associates. “But then they heard about the MAST strategy—a way for them to be equipped to translate the Scriptures themselves.”

MAST is a collaborative translation method that Wycliffe Associates teaches to mother-tongue translators in a workshop setting. Teams from local churches staff the language projects, which consist of four drafting steps and four checking steps. The translators and local church leaders engage in an ongoing checking process to ensure accuracy of the final translation.

In the nation where Wycliffe Associates hopes to launch at least 10 new MAST workshops, the government tracks every move of people believed to be Christians.

“There are thousands of secret house churches in this country,” said Smith, “and we have reports of more and more people coming to Christ. Yet millions of the people attending these churches don’t have a Bible in their own heart language.”

In addition to MAST training, Wycliffe Associates provides the translators with technology such as computer tablets loaded with Bible translation apps, open source Bible translation technology, and portable Print On Demand systems.

Wycliffe Associates has received word of Christians in small villages who have made attempts to begin translating the Bible into their own language in small portions. But some were discovered by the authorities, who confiscated their work. The translators were punished, and some have been barred from traveling because they’re considered a threat to the state.

“This is so important to them—more important than anything in their lives,” said Smith. “They are willing to lay everything on the line.”

Each language project will cost $19,500, and Wycliffe Associates is currently raising funds for all 10 language projects.

There are 1,058 MAST translation projects currently underway around the world.

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2 thoughts on “Wycliffe Associates Seeks to Begin 10 Bible Translation Projects in Nation Where Evangelism Is Not Allowed”

  1. "Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you." Matthew 7:6 ESV

    It's hard to read an article like that one. It is a dilemma, whether they should throw their lives away like that. But it is for the Gospel, the Good News, and who can blame them for wanting to bring the very written Word of God into their nation. So many must be hungry for it.

    Yet, from the article, it sounds too Catholic and we all must know how much they advance the doctrines of masochism and while being happy to be so honored as to take abuse for Y'shua, and our brethren in our own nations, this article has used the word "church" over and over again as if it somehow is synonymous with Christ-following.

    Still, it is by the word of their own testimony and the shed blood of the Lamb of God (Jesus) that they overcome not only their own sins but the sins of those who do terrible things to them for simply desiring the very Word of God, in their lives.

    We have no other choice but to support this effort, even if some in it are foolish. Even if some in it are Replacement Theology. For by doing these projects, we who do not live in such countries, come as close to real help, the salvation of souls, and the Great Commission, as we possibly can. We can not know the motives of each person doing these works, on the ground, in their countries.

    But, please, O please, Wycliffe Bible Translators, stop using the word "Church" while doing it there. Too many will die, too many unnecessarily will suffer and die, for the word "church" and if anyone knows better, it is Wycliffe Bible Translators. There no longer is a King named James looking over your shoulders to make you use it.

  2. May God almighty give wycliff associates grace and wisdom to do transtion project in nation where evangelism is not allow

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