London Churches Attacked with Arson, Satanic Symbolism

by Jordan Hilger, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - Three East London churches were attacked last week, in a string of arsons that left pentagrams, “666” symbols, and the word “hell” scrawled in the doors.

St. John’s in Stratford, Cann Hall Road Baptist Church in Leystone, and St. Matthew’s in West Ham, one of which had a children’s class going on at the time of the attacks, had doors partially or totally destroyed in what investigators now suspect was the work of a single arsonist.

'[The fire] was bad enough but also our minister was working in the building and a childminding group was using the hall which the door enters into,” the daughter of the church secretary at Cann Hall Road Baptist church told parishioners, according to the Daily Mail.

The United Kingdom saw another slew of church attacks in March and October of last year, where, in one case, a sacred picture at the altar of a Catholic church in Great Yarmouth was replaced with a picture of the devil.

The Vienna-based Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe documented over 500 anti-Christian acts in Europe between 2016 and 2017, with France alone experiencing as many as 2,000 between 2017 and 2018, according to the French Ministry of the Interior.

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7 thoughts on “London Churches Attacked with Arson, Satanic Symbolism”

  1. Yup, yup, time to flee those "churches."

    Get yourselves real fellow-shipping instead. Find a nice room to worship the Lord and Savior, together, in. And don't call it a "church" or it will be rendered useless once again.

    Be "called out ones" or just skip it altogether. Be hot (or cold and skip the lukewarm stuff).

    • Englanders are Muslim now. England even has Sharia Law in large sections. That Government published those facts. That's really how Islam takes over a nation. They move in, and then start having babies. It works really well in Socialist countries (like France, and England) which have national health coverage, universal health coverage. Soon thereafter they take over whole neighborhoods, then get their own voted onto Councils and from there, into Parliaments.

      Right now, parts of the USA are being taken over in the same manner. This is why and how we now have two Muslim women in either US Congress or US Senate. They are causing a bit of trouble too, as once there, they can then vote against US support of Israel.

  2. Was it because in the spiritual world they were overpowered and deafeted now resorting to physical attack.
    Very their ends it on the way and their master Lucifer himself knew.
    I hope they should rather repent and seek the mercy of the Creator Jehovah ALMIGHTY.

    • They haven't been overpowered and defeated. That's the problem. They resort to physical attack because they can. Because they have enough of them in England now that some are considered "expendable." And they can more and more, spare a few every so often to run off and commit "suicide by cop," or just blow themselves up after taking as many pagans (in their views) with them first. Their numbers increase even if no more emigrate (legally or illegally) into England, because that's the plan, to gain a foothold and then multiply until Muslims are represented in Council meetings, on Council meetings, in Parliament etc.

      Muslims believe they are Muslims, by birth, to Muslims parents. To them, it is a racial/biological thing. That's why they get so upset at any Muslim converting to Christianity. That's why it is considered apostasy to even think of such a thing. Since it is racial, familial, with them, this is also how they can think Jews are some kind of inferior race worthy of non-existence. It's not simply the State of Israel that they want back, it's a world rid of both Christians and Jews. Unless any would like to convert to Islam, they can always use good selling points like that.

      England has been calling itself Christian for a very long time now. In fact, the (erroneous) "Church Age" is already over. Which is why God is allowing so many to be attacked, even in the USA now. That's doesn't mean Christianity is over with, but it does mean that the Hebraic is once more pleasing to God.

      "Church," just like the J sound, was invented into Christianity. Jesus name was to mean Salvation, that's what God told Mary to name him, and so she did. Y'shua (Yeshua) is what his parents would have called him. Either that or Yehoshua which elsewhere in the Bible is translated as Joshua. The English translators liked that J sound while there wasn't one in any of the languages of Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin, or Greek, all during the years Christ or his apostles lived. Hebrew didn't even have a J sound until about 500 years ago. So, the same is true for J in "Jehovah." Even the JW's know this now.

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