'You Will Go to a Worse Place Than This': Muslim Uighurs Conscripted into China's Communist Schools, Report Reveals

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by Jordan Hilger, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - China’s Communist thought transformation camps were recently exposed in a BBC report that toured one of the facilities where more than a million Uighur Muslims have been imprisoned.

“Students” of the “school” were bright and peppy for the cameras, saying the uniformed academy for adults where students practice Mandarin by rote till 8 pm and write devotional lyrics to the Communist Party of China was completely voluntary.

One Uighur woman who had escaped to Kazakhstan for asylum told a different story to BBC reporter John Sudworth, however.

“If any of you speak out, you will go to a worse place than this,” she had reportedly been told by officials before another, similar tour by Western media.

The school’s curriculum, into which one Uighur Muslim woman was conscripted for as little as having WhatsApp on her phone, teaches a 2 to 4 month course on “how to make a bed,” and apparently intends to drill “religious extremist” thoughts out of the heads of the predominantly Muslim ethnic group of China’s western Xinjiang region.

An officer from the Xinjiang Foreign Affairs Office told reporters that the inmates or students had been adjudged “pre-criminals” by Chinese jurisprudence, which now seeks to punish crime before it happens in a philosophy reminiscent of the movie “Minority Report.”

“Some people before they commit murder already show they’re capable of killing,” Zhang Zhisheng, the Xinjiang official, told the BBC. “Should we wait for them to commit the crime? Or should we prevent it from happening?"

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), in its annual report for 2019 released in April, highlighted the Chinese detention of between 800,000 and 2 million ethnic Uighur Muslims, noting that in the commission’s first-ever report in 2000 Uighurs were still being “imprisoned for their religious belief, association or practice.”

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1 thought on “'You Will Go to a Worse Place Than This': Muslim Uighurs Conscripted into China's Communist Schools, Report Reveals”

  1. Sounds like the USA we experienced back in the 80's, 90's, and 10's (so far) only the re-education was to Feminism and has also been from Christianity to Psychology.

    It's been especially horrible to have watched our police and law enforcement (whole depts) converted to strict Psychology. As most people now know, that's what Psychology is all about, policing people's thoughts. The Chinese just do it with a different "religion" than the US is doing it with. Our underground groups ("churches" etc), the homeless, and all sorts of users of illicit drugs, often joke about "the Thought Police" because that's what our government's "Mental Health Centers" do, police thoughts. It was supposed to make police officer's job easier, instead it's exploded into legal and social problems no law enforcement's can fully take care of.

    They put (push) up and coming adults (kids in schools) into their man-made "personality" types. Which is to create cookie cutter mental states that can then be manipulated. Half the people with MI's ("mental illnesses") are simply a sort of eternal patient to keep their therapists paychecks flowing. Assisted Living Center's are a good example of this. Not that all those Center's are bad, many of them replace the families which Psychology teaches young adults to disrupt.

    Sadly, young people believe all that horse-hockey being taught to them, to value and judge the rest of humanity the same way (their parents/guardians) forced them to believe, by abandoning them to secular teachers part of this whole Social Experiment. And so it perpetuates itself.

    Entire families were, and still are, being destroyed, as kids "parents" (which can be any two, or three, or more, adults now) go off to work and the kids bond over and over again, in DayCares, until they become little robots themselves. Some parents are "stay at home" but most now live in these situations where the original primary care giver is long gone by age 4 or 5, and their lives are just a series of "responsible adults" being "a village."

    It's a great method for raising sociopaths and psychopaths. Then, we wonder when that's what we get. We get what we (as a nation) are raising. It is especially efficacious to keep everyone's focus and all of us pointing fingers at/on China, or Viet Nam, or North Korea.

    Then, the same Christian, Jewish, and/or Messianic families wonder that the strong family structures of Islam are forming all over in the USA. Only, in all the wrong religions.

    That was the plan, until Satan has everyone under his foot.

    There is a Way out of all this mess and chaos.

    His name is Y'shua,

    and like Moses, he gives deliverance from all of the above, but so much more. He is a Messiah, the Messiah. Try him out. Ask him. See what happens.

    However, God's (only begotten) Son will ask you to turn away from all of that evil. He will ask you to repent, so that you can have the much better life, even if it means standing up and saying we have a different Bible than the DSM, in all it's incarnations.

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