Fox News Cancels “Lou Dobbs Tonight” Amid Turmoil

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent

(Worthy News) – “Lou Dobbs Tonight” has been canceled by Fox . It comes amid turmoil within the previously favorite U.S.broadcaster of former President Donald J. .

Dobbs, 75, was among the most vocal pro-Trump voices on air. Critics said he influenced Trump administration policy — particularly on and immigration.

He relentlessly promoted the former president’s claims of election fraud late last year. His nightly program, which a person close to Dobbs reportedly said aired its final episode Friday, was by far the highest-rated on Fox Business.

The decision came after election company Smartmatic announced it filed a whopping only-in-America $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit.

Smartmatic’s nearly 300-page complaint alleges the network and hosts such as Dobbs “decimated” the company’s future earnings. They allegedly falsely accused it of helping to rig the presidential election in favor of .

Fox News, however, claimed the cancellation was something that had already been prepared. “As we said in October, Fox News regularly considers programming changes. And plans have been in place to launch new formats as appropriate post-election, including on Fox Business. This is part of those planned changes,” a Fox News Media spokesperson said. “A new 5 p.m. program will be announced in the near future.”


However, it comes amid broader turmoil as Fox News searches for direction following President Trump’s declared election defeat.

Last month Fox News fired multiple staff, including the political editor who backed the network’s early decision that Joe Biden had won Arizona.

The network’s election night decisions especially angered then President Trump and his allies.

For two decades, Fox News reigned supreme as America’s number one cable news channel. Until January, that is, when it dropped to a once-unthinkable third place in the ratings, data firm Nielsen showed.

Fox News also faced competition from other conservative networks such as Newsmax and others. That happened in a month when power shifted in the U.S. , and rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol.

And it didn’t help that Trump ended his love for the network. He claimed Fox “forgot the Golden Goose” that made them successful.

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