Germany Defends Weapons Export To Ukraine

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

DAVOS/BUDAPEST (Worthy News) – The German chancellor has defended Germany’s historic decision to supply weapons to a war zone, saying Russian leader Vladimir Putin should not win the war in Ukraine.

Olaf Scholz spoke on the final day of the World Economic Forum, where Russia’s invasion of Ukraine dominated the talks in Davos, Switzerland.

“We cannot allow Putin to win this war,” the recently elected German leader said during his first WEF appearance. That’s why, “For the first time, Germany is supplying weapons to a war zone, including heavy weapons,” he confirmed.

Scholz also said that 100 billion euros ($106 billion) would be made available to enhance Germany’s defensive capabilities.

It marks a significant turning point for a nation still reeling from sparking World War Two and the related Holocaust, or Shoah, in which six million Jews died and others the Nazis didn’t like.

However, Olaf Scholz clarified that the re-emerged Germany of 2022 had no other choice than to halt Russia’s offensive on a sovereign country. “A major nuclear power behaves as if it has the right to redraw borders,” he stressed. [Russian President] “Putin wants a return to a world order in which might dictates what is right — in which freedom, determination, and sovereignty are not for everyone.”


He said that the world should make “ it clear to Putin that there will be no dictated peace — Ukraine will not accept that, and neither will we.”

Scholz, who had been criticized for his initial hesitancy towards sending weapons to Ukraine, noted that Germany has now undergone a major shift in its defense policy.

The chancellor also said that the war had increased pressure “to meet climate change goals” demanded under international agreements — especially in reducing reliance on fossil fuel imports from Russia.

However, countries such as Hungary have so far refused to back a proposed European Union-wide boycott of Russian oil imports, citing their reliance on Russian energy.

Critics say U.S. President Joe Biden should stop canceling oil pipelines and other energy projects approved by the administration of Donald J. Trump to make America and its allies less vulnerable to oil and gas interruptions.

The WEF gathering, which was to end Thursday, took a theme of “History at a Turning Point” due to the conflict in Ukraine and discussions about a new world order.

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