NATO state foreign minister says Ukraine should attack military sites in Russia

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – The foreign minister of state Latvia has gone on record saying should now be allowed to strike military targets in , Newsweek reports.

Latvian foreign affairs minister Edgars Rinkēvičs made his remarks to Bloomberg Tuesday on the sidelines of a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Romania.

Referencing a need for Ukraine to defend itself against Russian attacks on its essential infrastructure, Rinkēvičs said: “We should allow Ukrainians to use weapons to target missile sites or airfields from where those operations are being launched,” Newsweek reports. Ukraine’s NATO allies “should not fear” escalation, Rinkēvičs added.

While the US and NATO countries have supplied massive shipments of military aid to Ukraine since Russia invaded in February, no weapons have been sent which could allow attacks on Russian soil: the general consensus has been that such a move would escalate the conflict.

In a statement in response to Rinkēvičs comments, the Russian embassy in the Latvian capital Riga warned of a large-scale war if the foreign minister’s suggestions were heeded.

“Such steps are not called for by some frenzied military expert, but by no less than by the head of the diplomatic department of Latvia E. Rinkēvičs,” the embassy said.

“What is this, if not incitement to unleash a large-scale war?!” the Russian embassy’s statement added. “Needless to say, the professional duty of any employee of the diplomatic service, and especially such a high-ranking one, is not to fan the ‘fire of war,’ but, on the contrary, to contribute to the search for peaceful solutions to conflict settlement.”

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