Haunted by Katrina’s memory, Louisiana now faces Harvey

Twelve years to the day after Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast, another deadly storm forced the rescue of hundreds of people from floodwaters in southwestern Louisiana and prompted New Orleans to shut down its schools and other key institutions as a precaution.

Texas Governor, Mayor Split Over Whether Houston Needed Evacuations

A split between Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner over whether the metropolis should have been evacuated is raising questions about officials’ response to damaging floodwaters as a catastrophe continues to engulf the region.

Public Meeting Prayer Battles Wage Nationwide

Before many towns meetings begin, local lawmakers often lead a short prayer prior to the start of official business, but some citizens are taking issue with those prayers: at least five lawsuits nationwide, from Florida to California, are currently challenging pre-meeting prayers.

Missionary killed in Jordan

A missionary living in Jordan was stabbed to death by a teenager Tuesday after she caught him stealing in her apartment, police said.

More Christians Arrested in Wake of ‘Apostasy’

An avalanche of media coverage of an Afghan man facing the death penalty for converting to Christianity has apparently sparked the arrest and deepening harassment of other Afghan Christians in the ultra-conservative Muslim country.

Ten Commandments going back to school in Mississippi

ACKSON, Miss. (BP)–Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

At least, that’s what the Mississippi Baptist Convention’s youth ministry team believes when it comes to getting the Ten Commandments into schools across the state.

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