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breaking world news north korea
Underground Churches in North Korea Growing
Christianity is spreading in North Korea as more North Koreans are rejecting the regime of Kim Jung-un and searching for faith a defector told The Telegraph. [ 2 Comments ]

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Pentecostal church in Ethiopia told to close after it was attacked by mob
A Pentecostal church in Ethiopia has been ordered to stop meeting in a residential area, in the wake of a mob attack on the church, after which a church member was arrested for illegal activities that incited religious clashes. [ No Comments ]

breaking world news russia
Russia's Crackdown on Evangelism Leads to Prosecution of Mostly Christians 1 Year After 'Anti-Missionary' Law
Evangelical Protestants make up the majority of the 181 cases prosecuted by Russian authorities under the country's notorious 'anti-missionary' laws, which came into force last July, according to a report. Christians were also prosecuted in Crimea, which Russia occupied in 2014. [ 1 Comment ]

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Christian Persecution in India Hits Record High in First Half of 2017
As reported earlier this year, the first quarter of 2017 saw 248 persecution incidents wherein Christians were harassed, threatened or attacked for their faith in India. More recent records indicate the number of incidents in first six months of 2017 is now up to 410 incidents. This represents an enormous increase in persecution as there were only 441 incidents reported in 2016 for the entire year. [ 1 Comment ]

breaking world news north korea
North Korea is executing, torturing and enslaving those who practice religion, US says in new report
The North Korean regime has continued to position itself as one of the world's worst persecutors of the religious, torturing and killing people who practice their faith, according to a State Department report released Tuesday. [ 3 Comments ]

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State Government in India Passes Anti-Conversion Bill Despite Widespread Opposition
International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that the Jharkhand Assembly, a state legislative body in northeastern India, passed the Jharkhand Freedom of Religion Bill-2017, also known as 'Jharkhand Dharma Swatantra Adhiniyam,' on Saturday, August 12. The bill will now be sent to the governor, following whose approval it would go to the president for final assent. The bill was passed by the BJP-led government despite significant opposition from religious groups, civil society, and the tribal groups across Jharkhand. [ 1 Comment ]

breaking us news
'This is NOT the Way of the Cross': Christian Leaders Condemn White Supremacism
Christian leaders are condemning white nationalism and the alt-right movement in the wake of the violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, that left one person dead after a car plowed through a crowd of counter-protestors. [ 1 Comment ]

breaking christian news nigeria
Kidnapped Pastor in Nigeria Released from Five Days of Captivity
Suspecting corrupt police and accusing the Nigerian government of failing to contain a rash of kidnappings, Christian leaders announced that a pastor abducted last week was freed on Wednesday (Aug. 9). [ No Comments ]

breaking christian news vietnam
Christian Rights Activists in Vietnam Charged with Serious ‘Crimes’
After 19 long months of investigative detention following his Dec. 16, 2015 arrest, renowned human rights attorney Nguyen Van Dai was finally charged with a crime on July 30. [ No Comments ]

breaking world news north korea
Gospel Being Released into N Korea by Balloon Offensive (Video)
For nearly three decades, one Christian human rights group has carried out an unusual aerial offensive to encourage North Korea's secret believers. [ 3 Comments ]

breaking world news north korea
North Korea releases pastor amid nuclear ICBM threats
Hyeun-soo Lim, the Korean Canadian church leader sentenced to life in prison with hard labour, has been freed today (9 August) 'on sick bail', says a North Korean state news agency. Convicted in December 2015 by the country’s Supreme Court of numerous charges, including an attempt to overthrow the government, he had been detained in North Korea since February 2015. [ 4 Comments ]

breaking christian news nigeria
Fulani Herdsmen Kidnap Pastor in Plateau State, Central Nigeria
Armed Fulani herdsmen on Friday (Aug. 4) kidnapped a pastor as he and his driver were traveling in central Nigeria’s Plateau state, the wounded driver told Morning Star News. [ No Comments ]

Christian Convert Released from Prison in Iran after 4 Years
A Christian convert from Islam has been released from prison in Iran where she had been held for four years. [ 2 Comments ]

Christians Killed, Injured in Church Shooting in Southern Nigeria
At least 11 people were killed in an attack on a Catholic church service in southern Nigeria today that apparently was rooted in a conflict with a relative of one of the parishioners, authorities said. [ No Comments ]

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Evangelical Trump Supporters Want Meeting With Pope Francis
Evangelical supporters of President Donald Trump on Monday requested a meeting with Pope Francis over a recent critical article in a Vatican-vetted journal. [ No Comments ]