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Nepalese churches attacked
Only hours after its assembly voted last month against making Nepal a Hindu state, bombs damaged two churches in Jhapa district. [ 1 Comment ]

India: Hindus beat Pastor unconscious
A pastor in India's Madhya Pradesh state is recovering after Hindus beat him unconscious last month. [ 1 Comment ]

The Supreme Judicial Court said the words "under God" in the pledge reflect patriotic practice, not a religious one. They acknowledged that the wording has a "religious tinge" but said it is fundamentally patriotic and voluntary.
Group wants 'God Bless the Military' sign removed
A group that seeks to separate Christianity from the military is now demanding the removal of a sign at a Marine base in Hawaii, according to the Christian News. [ No Comments ]

laos prison map
Lao believer dies after denied meds in prison
A Laotian Christian who was jailed after praying for a convert to Christ has recently died from complications after he was denied medicine while imprisoned for nine months. [ No Comments ]

Muslims attack Egyptian church, Christian homes
A mob of Muslims threw stones at a church and attacked four Christian homes in El Oula, Egypt’s Alexandria governorate on Sept. 20 after local authorities attempted to return stolen property to its rightful owner. [ No Comments ]

Believers in Uganda beaten by mob
Four Christian converts from Islam were recently beaten on their way home from an outreach ministry in Uganda. [ No Comments ]

Mosul churches become ISIS slaughter houses
Churches in Iraq were turned into animal slaughterhouses by ISIS during the Islamic Festival of Sacrifice. [ No Comments ]

Latest Christian Headlines

The Islamic State terror group claims it will be executing 180 Assyrian Christians who were kidnapped in mass raids in February, after negotiators failed to meet the jihadists' high asking price to free the hostages.

In a Facebook post Monday, Christian evangelist Franklin Graham denounced the world's silence in the face of a true genocide being carried out by the Islamic State.

In the lead-up to a major summit on religion, the Chinese Communist party is preparing intensified restrictions on Christian churches, according to the Party's official newspaper on religious issues, Zhongguo Mingzu Bao.

Islamic State militants appear to have killed three Christian captives in Syria and are threatening to kill 200 more held hostage if their ransoms are not paid, monitoring groups have said.

Syriac Patriarch Ignatius Joseph III Younan has warned that the vast refugee crisis in Iraq and Syria has reached 'biblical proportions,' and fleeing Christians are begging Western countries to step up and save them from persecution at the hands of extremists.

A granite monument of the Ten Commandments that has sparked controversy since its installation on the Oklahoma Capitol grounds was being removed late Monday and will be transported to a private conservative think tank for storage.

A Bangladeshi pastor has survived an attempt on his life by three men who came to his home pretending to want to learn about Christianity, police and the victim said Tuesday.

In the wake of the mass shooting in Oregon last week, the lieutenant governor of Tennessee is calling on Christians in his state to obtain a handgun permit and be 'prepared' for future incidents.

Coptic Christians in an Egyptian village have been under attack by Muslim neighbours since Sunday over a property row which first began in 2012, according to persecution charity International Christian Concern (ICC).

Twelve Christians have been brutally executed by the Islamic State, including the 12-year-old son of a Syrian ministry team leader who had planted nine churches, because they refused to renounce the name of Jesus Christ and embrace Islam. The martyrs were faithful to the very end; right before one woman was beheaded by the terror group, she appeared to be smiling slightly as she said, 'Jesus!'