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Four Nigerian Schoolgirls Escape Boko Haram
Four schoolgirls seized by Boko Haram six months ago have escaped from a camp in Cameroon run by the Islamist group, according to Barnabas Aid.
Christian Mom's Death Sentence Confirmed by Pakistani High Court
The conviction and death sentence of Asia Bibi under Pakistan's blasphemy laws has been upheld by the Lahore High Court, according to International Christian Concern.
Sudan Air Force Bombs Church Complex in Nuba Mountains
The Sudanese Air Force dropped four bombs on a church in the Nuba Mountains Friday.
Pakistan's Persecution of Christians even after Death
Religious minorities in Pakistan face discrimination even after death as Christian cemeteries outside of Islamabad are allowed to fall into disrepair while Muslim plots nearby remain in excellent condition, according to The Express Tribune.
Sudan: Lawyers to Challenge Legality of Apostasy
Lawyers in Sudan representing Meriam Ibrahim are planning to take her cause to the country's constitutional court, according to Barnabas Aid.
Uzbek Police Raid Christians' Homes
A Christian in Uzbekistan has been fined and threatened with further punishment after religious literature was seized from his home during a raid by Uzbek police in August, according to Barnabas Aid.
Deported Messianic Jew to Appeal Supreme Court
A British messianic Jew deported from Israel last year for participating in an evangelistic outreach will appeal his case to the nation's supreme court, according to Morning Star News.
Iraq: Nothing Done for Displaced Christians
An Iraqi bishop whose community has taken in more than 70,000 displaced Christians is dismayed that the government in Baghdad has failed to offer any assistance, according to Patheos.
Christian Women Raped by ISIS
Barnabas Aid has learned that women and girls being held captive by ISIS at Mosul's Badush Prison have been given the choice to either convert to Islam, or suffer rape on a daily basis until they change their minds.
Islamic State Destroys Armenian Church
Jihadists from the Islamic State have destroyed a Syrian church that memorialized the Armenian Genocide in which more than a million Armenian and Assyrian Christians died at the hands of Turkish Muslims.
Attacks on Church in East Jerusalem Increase
Attacks by violent Muslims have increased in intensity against a Christian congregation in East Jerusalem.
Seven Christians Arrested in Laos
Local officials in Laos have arrested seven Christians for worshiping together on Sunday, according to Morning Star News.
Indian High Court to Overturn Evangelism Ban
The Bilaspur High Court in India has opposed a ban preventing non-Hindu missionaries from entering villages in Bastar district.
Imprisoned Christian Killed by Police
A Christian pastor accused of blasphemy was shot and killed by a policeman Thursday inside Pakistan's Adiyala jail in Rawalpindi, according to International Christian Concern.
Islamists Kill Christians in Plateau State
Ethnic Fulani Muslims razed a church and killed 10 Christians in Nigeria's Plateau state in September, according to Morning Star News.
Anniversary of Bombing of All Saints Church
On Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013, two suicide bombers from the Pakistani Taliban detonated their explosives just outside the gates of All Saints Church in the Christian community of Peshawar just as service ended; over one hundred Christians were killed and hundreds more severely wounded.
Pastor Abedini to Mark Two Years Imprisonment in Iran
September 26, 2014 marks two years since American Pastor Abedini Saeed was imprisoned in Iran.
Lawyers for Meriam Ibrahim Banned from Leaving Sudan
Sudan has banned five lawyers from leaving the country after they were accused of damaging the nation's reputation by defending Meriam Ibrahim, a Christian mother who was falsely accused of apostasy from Islam, according to Morning Star News.
India: Church Converted to Hindu Temple
Late last month, a church in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh was turned into a temple after members of the congregation were forcefully converted to Hinduism, according to Barnabas Aid.
Three Pastors in Iran Facing Death Penalty
Three pastors are facing charges that could lead to the death penalty for their involvement in Iran's underground house-church movement.
Two Pastors in Bhutan Sentenced
A court in Bhutan Thursday sentenced one pastor to nearly four years in prison for accepting funds for evangelism and another to almost two and a half years for organizing an illegal religious gathering.
Saudi Arabia Arrests Nearly 30 Christians
Last week, Saudi Arabia's notorious religious police -- the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice -- had arrested almost 30 Christians worshiping at a private home in the Saudi city of Khafji.
Pastor Faces Death Sentence in Iran for "Spreading Corruption on the Earth"
An Iranian Christian pastor imprisoned for his faith now faces the death penalty after being officially charged with "spreading corruption on [the] Earth."
Thirty-one Pakistanis Falsely Accused of Blasphemy
International Christian Concern reported Tuesday that 29 Christians and two Muslims have been accused of blasphemy in Chak village, Faisalabad.
India: Hindu Extremists Pass Laws Restricting Christianity
Indian village councils have just passed new laws making Christian prayer, meetings and even evangelism illegal in 50 towns.
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