Clashes Between Palestinians and Israel Security Forces Continue

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Hundreds of Arab residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza rioted on Thursday for "Nakba Day," the Arabic word for catastrophe designating the creation of the Jewish state of Israel 66 years ago, when hundreds of thousands of local Arabs left Israel at the behest of invading Arab armies.

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL (Worthy News)-- Rioting continued into its fourth day, as clashes between Palestinians and Israeli Police spread from East Jerusalem to Israeli-Arab towns in the West Bank.

The U.S. State Department confirmed Tariq Khdeir, an American citizen and cousin of the murdered teen last week, was detained by Israeli police.

Over the weekend a video went viral showing two Israeli police officers kicking and beating the high school student, leading to the State Department issuing a statement saying they are "profoundly troubled by reports that he was severely beaten while in police custody and strongly condemn any excessive use of force."

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Clashes between Arabs and police continue into the night

Clashes between Arab protesters and police continued into the night on Saturday, after raging in the Triangle area, East Jerusalem and Wadi Ara all day.

Palestinian unrest spreads to Israeli-Arab towns in fresh riots
Police sent “dozens to hundreds” of reinforcements and Border Police officers to the Triangle area ahead of clashes that began anew in the afternoon, before they were broken up by police. Across the region but also in Wadi Ara and elsewhere, riots broke out on Friday and Saturday in response to the murder of east Jerusalem teenager Muhammad Abu Khdeir, in what may have been a revenge killing carried out by Jews after three Israeli teens were found murdered near Hebron last week.

US 'profoundly troubled' by alleged police beating of Arab-American teen
The State Department on Saturday confirmed that Tariq Khdeir, an American citizen, has been detained by Israeli authorities, issuing harsh words over the possible use of "excessive force" on the 15-year-old relative of a Muhammad Abu Khdeir, a Palestinian teenager also killed this week in a possible revenge killing.

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