Palestinians: Removal of Metal Detectors Not Enough

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Palestinian Authority Leader Mahmoud Abbas

(Worthy News) - The Palestinian Authority and Islamic religious authorities said Israel's removal of recently installed metal detectors and security cameras at an entrance to the Temple Mount is not enough.

Both entities further rejected the Security Cabinet's decision to replace the metal detectors with more advanced surveillance, including "smart cameras," which will take up to six months to be ready to use at an estimated cost of $23 million.

P.A. Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah called the decision "unacceptable," the Palestinian Authority's official Ma'an news agency reported Tuesday. [ Source:CBN News (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Palestinians: Removal of Metal Detectors Not Enough”

  1. Of course it's not enough. Israel knows it wasn't ever going to be enough. The metal detectors were reasonable. We have to pass through metal detectors here in the USA all the time. Go pay a traffic fine and what do you have to do? Pass through metal detectors and more, just to get into the building. The same to go to the Social Security Office. The Temple Mount? Their mosque on top of that? There's never been any secret since, what Mohamed, that "the only good Jew is a dead Jew" as far as Islam is concerned. It's only to what level the various Muslims wish to separate themselves from Jews that matters. Some just move to where there aren't any and some want to "wipe Israel from the face of the earth." Hamas has been clear the whole time of their existence that the bloodier the better. They're sick. They're mad. As in Bedlam "mad." There's angry, then mad, then enraged, then insane. Psycho-Babel turned that into confusion with totally new names which obscure what's going on in the mind of insane people and how they got to that point. Their god terrorizes them, they terrorize others. Without "the Lamb" slain for their sins, they look for a scapegoat and their faith gave them one, it's in black and white, on paper, in ink. The reason they endure is because they shift their anger, madness, rage, and insanity onto the Jews. This isn't going to stop until they are stopped. They don't want peace. They want Jews annihilated and every adult Jew knows that. They want Christians converted or dead too, but we don't have the Temple Mount that their Satan wants so bad he can taste it, so the Jews get a bit more hatred than we Christians do, but they're not going to stop. Stop placating them. Take a stand, trust the Holy One of Israel.

  2. Okay. Knowing what they now know, because of Hitler, why are the Jews (this is a rhetorical question) not acting, with regards to radical Islamists, as if he was here again. Because that same spirit which took control of Europe (and more) via Hitler is now persecuting the Jews, this time in their own Land. All the signs are there. It's the same evil spirit as Hitler had. Behave accordingly. Israel has all the facts, it knows what to do. Do it. When fighting a hydra instead of a single headed beast, go for one of it's one organs, a "vital" one. Pray God will enlighten and/or do it Himself, if Islamic cells are too well hidden. Works for me. Has in the past. If God will save a 10 year old, who never knew Him...if God will kill a (social) hydra for an old woman and her fatherless child, will He not then do so for His very beloved? Where's the faith, man? Pray (all Christians, pray) the blood of the very Lamb of God, slain, over the Land belonging rightfully to God, our God. Ask God to do it "for the sake of His Name." Every widow among you, "cry out unto the Lord (audibly)." Every fatherless child, do the same. There are promises God has given to widows and orphans in the OT, the Torah. A child saved Israel once before. If God provides the Lamb, who is Israel to argue?

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