Pro-Family Group Claims School Board Proposals in Virginia Would Sanction "Immoral Behavior"

Tuesday, August 1, 2000 | Tag Cloud

By Allie Martin and Rusty Pugh
AFR News
August 1, 2000

(AgapePress) - A pro-family group in Virginia is blasting a school board’s proposed changes to school policy: one that would prohibit harassment of students based on sexual orientation, and a second that would alter employment guidelines to forbid discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. The proposed changes come up for a final vote on Thursday.

The Family Policy Network says the anti-harassment policy adopted by the Charlottesville School Board is meant to deny free speech rights to those who care about fellow teachers and students involved in destructive sexual behavior.

Joe Glover, President of the Family Policy Network, says the school board’s decision gives legitimacy to acts that are forbidden by state law.

"This is obviously an attempt to legitimize homosexual behavior," Glover ways.

He contends that the principle of free speech does not apply in Charlottesville if you believe the Bible to be accurate when it condemns homosexuality in Leviticus, Romans, and First Corinthians.

"It's obvious that we live in a politically correct society," he says, "but Charlottesville is one of those areas in the state where they've got a major university [the University of Virginia] and there's a lot of homosexual influence in that community."

Glover, whose organization is Virginia’s American Family Association affiliate, wonders why no one seems concerned about Christians, who are often the target of harassment.

"There's [not] a person alive that isn't aware that the greatest number of people that are having jokes and harassment assailed at them today are born-again Christians," he says, "but you don't see the Charlottesville School Board passing a law to require that no one say anything disparaging about Christians either."

Glover is also concerned how the board's recent unanimous decision to add "sexual orientation" to the employment guidelines for the school system will be interpreted. He contends the policy could allow pedophiles to teach children.

"Our concern is [that] the school system could be liable for a lawsuit from a person who is a pedophile," he says. "What's to prevent a person from coming in [and saying], 'My sexual orientation is that I'm a pedophile. I'm predisposed to have sex with young children, and you cannot discriminate against me on the basis of my orientation."

Glover says that scenario is not only theoretically possible--he believes it will happen. He also says that homosexual activists themselves claim there are 31 different sexual orientations.

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