Defying Trump, Senate votes to end US support for Saudi-led Yemen war

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(Worthy News) - The US Senate on Wednesday dealt a stinging bipartisan rebuke to Donald Trump’s foreign policy and his alliance with Riyadh, voting to end support for the bloody Saudi-led war effort in Yemen.

Lawmakers in the Republican-controlled chamber approved a historic curtailment of presidential war powers that directs Trump “to remove United States Armed Forces from hostilities in or affecting the Republic of Yemen” within 30 days.

The Senate vote was 54 to 46, with seven Republicans defying the president and aligning with Democrats. [ Source: Times of Israel (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Defying Trump, Senate votes to end US support for Saudi-led Yemen war”

  1. This is truly awesome. The Senate thinks it won and stopped President Trump at something. They don't know that President Trump WANTED to stop funding Saudi Arabia. Do you remember him saying he wanted to get out of the Middle-East wars that the imposter Obama foisted on America. NOW, Saudi Arabia can't blame Trump for not receiving special treatment. Is Trump a genius or what?

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