Los Angeles County requests John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church to be fined and held in contempt of court

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – Los Angeles County filed a request Wednesday for John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church to be held in contempt of court and to be fined $20,000, CBN News reports. The complaint comes after the church held three indoor services on Sunday, in defiance of COVID-19 restrictions.

Under the complaint, LA County is requesting that Grace Community Church (GCC) be fined $1,000 fine for each alleged act of contempt and an additional $1,500 for each alleged violation of a court order. The total amounts to $20,000. Naming both the church and MacArthur as defendants, the order adds that the court should sanction each defendant $1,500 per violation, for a total of $6,000 per Defendant.

In its introduction, the county complaint referred to the US Supreme Court case of Jacobson v. Massachusetts (1905), in which it was ruled that the right to freedom does not come with an unrestricted license to do whatever one wants. In Jacobson, the justices determined all rights are subject to reasonable conditions by governing authorities in protecting health and safety, among other things.

Acknowledging the right to freedom of worship, the LA County order said. “Under the State and County public health orders and the Court Orders, Defendants are still permitted to worship outdoors with unlimited attendance and through live streaming, both of which Defendants are already doing.“ However, the order continues: “But that is not enough for them. They are publicly advertising their intention to continue flouting State and County public health orders and the Court Orders by holding mass services indoors.”

In response, GCC attorney Jenna Ellis told The Daily Wire: “Pastor MacArthur is standing firm that church is essential and has no plans to yield to this tyrannical board, which is clearly defying the constitution’s mandate to protect religious liberty,” she added.

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