Urgent request for prayer for Haiti; specific requests include prayer for strength of the Haitian church

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by Karen Faulkner, Correspondent

(Worthy News) – Haitian Christians have issued an urgent call for after another deadly violently shook their already-embattled island nation at the weekend, killing nearly 2,000 people and injuring and displacing thousands more, Christianity Today reports. Saturday’s 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck as Haitians were still processing the assassination of their president Jovenel Moïse last month, an act of violence that illustrates the long-term death-grip that violence, poverty, and corruption have had on Haiti.

In an extended and detailed interview with Christianity Today (CT), Haitian leaders including Dieumeme Noelliste, professor of theological ethics, Denver Seminary, and Magda Victor, general secretary of the Haitian Society, provided a list of prayer points as guidance for intercessors (below) and described the long term situation on the ground, including the condition of the church.

“Speaking broadly, the Haitian church should be more conscious of its responsibility this time than 11 years ago. Following the 2010 earthquake, several prominent church leaders came together and formed an organization that was tasked to mobilize and prepare the Haitian church for the exercise of its prophetic role in Haitian society,” Noelliste said.

Nevertheless, he attested: “It is doubtful that the church has the moral gravitas and credibility necessary to provide such a vital service. The church seems to be running for cover. Please pray for the strength of the witness of the Haitian church. The country is in desperate need of a church which will fulfill the role of salt and light.”

Victor added: “Our nation is in dire need of prayer at this critical time of its existence. We need justice, peace, and national unity without which nothing can be achieved: “A house divided against itself cannot stand” (Matt. 12:25). Please pray for these things to materialize in the life of our nation.”

The list of prayer points provided to CT by the Haitian church leaders is as follows:

  • Safe transportation of humanitarian relief and equitable distribution of help to all the victims.
  • Powerful witness of compassion during the crisis.
  • Generous contributions to arrive in a timely fashion for rebuilding, including for damaged churches.
  • Limited greed and misuse of funds and relief materials.
  • Vision and political will for local authorities so they seek primarily the welfare of the people.
  • Political breakthrough and stability through meaningful among political groups and civil society so that the nation can go forward after the assassination of the president.
  • That credible and experienced citizens in-country and in the diaspora are raised and find visibility as potential political leaders for the nation.
    Protection from rain and tropical storm that are expected this week.
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