Ukraine Attacks Russian Forces In Kherson

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

KYIV/MOSCOW (Worthy News) – Ukrainian missiles struck a crucial bridge in Kherson after Russia increased attacks across southern Ukraine, despite reports of heavy casualties.

The counterattacks, confirmed Thursday, came as the U.S. estimated that more than 75,000 Russian forces had been killed or injured.

Kyiv made clear it wants to recapture the southern Kherson region, which Russian forces have now occupied for nearly five months.

Amid ongoing clashes, concerns remain about the impact on food supplies. The United Nations warned earlier this month of a “looming hunger catastrophe” due to Russia’s blockade on Ukrainian grain.

Patrick Beasley, director of the U.N. World Food Programme, said a “hunger catastrophe” was set to explode over the next two years.

He called for an urgent lifting of the blockade on up to 25 million tonnes of Ukrainian grain trapped by a Russian blockade.

While Russia and Ukraine signed a deal on grain exports in Turkey last week, a Russian missile strike on the port city of Odesa raised concerns about further delays in food deliveries.

Russia is facing Western sanctions over the war, but Moscow has made clear it will react, including using energy as “a weapon,” German and other officials say.

On Wednesday, Russia was further cutting natural gas deliveries to Germany, the E.U.’s largest economy. Germany said it is now turning to liquefied natural gas to keep warm through the winter.

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