Texas churches sue FEMA for disaster relief after Harvey

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has been sued by three Texas churches severely damaged in Hurricane Harvey, over what they called its policy of refusing to provide disaster relief to houses of worship because of their religious status.

Congress Faces a Tense Agenda, With Little Margin for Error

Congress returns Tuesday from its summer break and, in a test of the uneasy alliance between President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans, will have to grapple with keeping the federal government open, paying U.S. creditors and passing a hurricane-aid bill.

FOMC Minutes Highlight ‘Growing Rift’ at Fed

Central bankers on the Federal Open Market Committee appear to be uncertain of what’s in store for America’s inflationary indicators, which could rankle investors and complicate interest-rate and balance-sheet decisions through the rest of the year.

Fed ends seven-year era of zero interest rates

Seven years to the day after lowering interest rates to zero, the Federal Reserve on Wednesday took the first step away from the unprecedented emergency monetary measures it began during the recession.

Obama Urges Package to Tackle Economic Crisis

United States President-elect Barack Obama was scheduled to meet with congressional leaders from both political parties Monday, January 5, to discuss a stimulus package aimed at ending America’s worst economic crisis in decades.

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