Religious leaders renew call for hate-crimes legislation

WASHINGTON (ABP) — In light of newly released statistics reporting a rise in hate crimes, leaders of the Interfaith Alliance have sent a letter to U.S. senators asking for passage of the Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

New California State Regulations Mandate Pro-Homosexual Curriculum

Sacramento, CA – The California Department of Education’s Tax Force has finalized twelve pro-homosexual recommended mandates for public schools to follow. These recommended mandates include:

* Integrating pro-homosexual viewpoints throughout all public school curriculum
* Requiring the personal questioning of children regarding homosexuality and transsexuals
* Using taxpayer dollars to establish “gay/straight alliances” on campuses
* Establish a response system whose purpose will be to “provide rehabilitation to perpetrators” of discrimination against homosexuals and transsexuals

MI School System May Be Sued Over Student Homosexual Club

(AgapePress) – A Michigan public school may be facing a lawsuit for allowing a student homosexual organization to meet.
A Lansing attorney says the Jackson Public Schools may be violating the state constitution by allowing students to form a homosexual organization. Attorney David Kallman says the state constitution requires school districts to protect the health and welfare of their students, and he says a homosexual organization could be in conflict with that directive.

CDC Must Stop funding Homosexual Agenda to Focus on Bioterrorism

Washington, DC – Traditional Values Coalition Executive Director Andrea Lafferty is calling upon President Bush and Congress to force the Centers for Disease Control to stop funding sexually explicit workshops for homosexuals under the guise of fighting the AIDS epidemic. Tax dollars should be spent on fighting bioterrorism.

Unusual Courage in 2001

Every now and then, a little bit of justice sneaks up on the culture at a time when you least expect it. Case in point; A short time ago, 16 year-old Elliot Chambers borrowed and then wore to school, his sister’s “straight pride” sweatshirt. Elliot has a similar tee shirt of his own with the same in your face, not too subtle, pro-traditional family message.

Atlanta Baptists refuse to oust pro-homosexual congregations

HAPEVILLE, Ga. (BP)–An attempt to expel from the Atlanta Baptist Association two churches that affirm homosexuality came up short after messengers to the 93rd annual meeting of the association failed to reach a two-thirds majority.

Mardi Gras and Rio Carnival Owe Soul To Dionysus

Topless muses, nude dancers, and masked revelers stumbled home this week following dusk-to-dawn Carnival parades on both sides of the globe. The larger parades, Mardi Gras and Rio Carnival, witnessed above average arrests according to police.

Attorney Says Boy Scout Case in Connecticut May Influence Future Cases

(AgapePress) – A pro-family attorney says the recent Supreme Court decision in the Boy Scout case could have a trickle-down effect.

A state agency in Connecticut determined last May that the Boy Scouts were in violation of the state’s discrimination laws. As a result, they were dropped from a list of charities that state workers can support through their payroll deduction plan. The Scouts claim that it is because of their opposition to homosexuality. But a federal judge in Connecticut ruled in favor of the Boy Scouts, ordering that they be put back on the list of charitable organizations.

Tuesday Night in Philly–Patriotism, Military Strength, Righteousness…and a Gay Speaker

WASHINGTON, DC (AgapePress) – The major theme last night at the Republican National Convention seemed to be patriotism and the military, as speakers included an esteemed Gulf War hero and a former Vietnam prisoner of war. But there was only the slightest sign of protest as Arizona Congressman Jim Kolbe, an open homosexual, addressed the crowd. Some members of the Texas delegation removed their hats and some were seen praying as Kolbe gave his brief speech.

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