‘Islamists Kill Dozen Christians In DRC’

At least a dozen Christians were killed by Islamist militants in a northeastern village of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Christian aid workers told Worthy News. 

Uganda: Christian family sprayed with acid for refusal to recant faith

A newly Christian couple and their 13-year old daughter who refused to recant their faith were sprayed with acid by Muslim extremist relatives in eastern Uganda earlier this month, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. Christianity is legal in Uganda but former Muslim believers have come under increasing violent attack by Islamic extremists enraged at the spread of the Gospel.

Uganda: Muslim family members violently assault new Christian

A young man who had just come to faith in Christ in Kadama, Uganda was violently assaulted and severely injured by Muslim relatives enraged that he has left Islam, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. Assaults by Muslim family members against Christian converts have become an increasing concern in Uganda.

Uganda: Evangelist violently attacked by Muslim extremist relatives

Christian evangelist Malingumu Bruhan was violently attacked and nearly burned to death in Nawaikoke, Uganda earlier this month by Muslim relatives who accused him of being an infidel, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. Christianity is legal in Uganda but believers have come under increasing attack by minority Muslim extremists, particularly in the eastern part of the country.

Uganda: Evangelist beaten and left to die by Islamic extremists

Ugandan evangelist Charles Kamya was beaten unconscious and left for dead in Kampala, Uganda last week by Islamic extremists enraged at his preaching the Gospel, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. Although Muslims are a small minority in Uganda, Christians have come under increasing attack by Islamic extremists there.

Uganda: Christian pastor dies from beating by Muslim relatives

A former Imam who became a Christian pastor in eastern Uganda has died from injuries he sustained during a violent attack by relatives enraged at his conversion, Christian Headlines (CH). Christianity is legal in Uganda, but believers have come under frequent attack from Muslim extremists.

Uganda: Muslim husband murders wife and children for their faith in Christ

A Muslim man in Kayunga, Uganda is understood to have murdered his wife and two children by strangulation and hanging because his spouse and eight-year-old child received Christ following Christmas worship services last month, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. Although Muslims are a minority in Uganda, Christians in the country have been increasingly vulnerable to violent attacks by Islamic extremists.

Uganda: New Christians driven from their homes by Islamic extremists

Brand new Christians in eastern Uganda came under severe attack last month, as Muslim neighbors destroyed their crops and drove them from homes upon hearing of their conversion from Islam to Christ, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. Christians in Uganda have come under increasing attack from Islamic extremists, even though Muslims make up only 12% of the population.

Uganda Convert Killed For Christian Faith

Christians in eastern Uganda have been plunged into mourning after a Christian convert was killed for leaving Islam, several sources said.

Uganda: Two Islamists charged with murdering Christian pastor

Two Islamists in eastern Uganda have been charged with murdering Pastor Barnabas Musana of Nangonde Sub-County on September 12, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. The two men are believed to have killed Pastor Musana because he was leading Muslims to Christ through evangelistic events and public debates about Islam and Christianity.

Christians from nearly 30 countries bless Israel on Sukkot

Christian recording artists and musicians from 28 countries have sent a prayer for God’s peace and blessing to Israel through a special Feast of Tabernacles video of their performing the song “Btfilah Amen” (In Prayer Amen), the Israeli entry at the 1995 Eurovision song contest, the Jerusalem Post (JP) reports.

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