Scientists puzzled by mysterious earthquake that rumbled around the world

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(Worthy News) - Scientists have been stumped by the 20-minute rumble of a mysterious seismic wave which was detected earlier this month.

The tremor occurred on the morning of 11 November near the archipelago of Mayotte, a collection of French islands in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Mozambique.

It is unclear whether it was caused by volcanic activity or a meteor strike, but it was felt by seismometers across the world, from New Zealand to Canada - and even in Hawaii. [ Source: Sky News (Read More...) ]

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  1. Oh, it's probably nothing. Just some country's military (like the Pentagon) experimenting to see how far they can send a seismic wave. Hmmm, now if could get two or three of these seismic waves to intersect at one point ....... hmmmmm ... THAT could cause an earthquake, huh?

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