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Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Netanyahu: Iran building ICBMs ‘to hit U.S.’
Iran intends to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles to ultimately strike the United States and not Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned during a live webcast addressing the U.S. Jewish community Tuesday. [ 3 Comments ]

Clashes erupt at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque
Clashes broke out on Sunday at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque, one of Islam's holiest sites, two days after a Palestinian toddler was burned alive in a firebombing by suspected Jewish extremists. [ 2 Comments ]

Six people stabbed at Jerusalem pride parade
Six people were stabbed at the Jerusalem pride parade on Thursday evening by an ultra-Orthodox man who claimed he was on a mission from God. [ 8 Comments ]

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Israel has not escaped the heat wave scorching the Middle East in recent days, which has caused massive damage to the Israeli agricultural industry to the tune of millions of shekels.

Israel's security cabinet approved on Sunday the detention of citizens suspected of waging violence against Palestinians without trial in a crackdown aimed at capturing the perpetrators of a lethal West Bank arson attack blamed on Jewish militants.

An archaeological expedition has discovered the fortifications and entrance gate of the biblical city of Gath of the Philistines, home of Goliath and the largest city in the land during the 10th-9th century BCE, about the time of the 'United Kingdom' of Israel and King Ahab of Israel.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas threatened Sunday to make unspecified changes to Palestinian policy next month if the Israeli government doesn't change its stance vis-a-vis the Palestinians and Jewish extremism.

New Israeli research has shown that growing and producing bioethanol from algae of the species sea lettuce has great potential. However, the study has found that it is currently not economically viable.

Palestinians feel their lives are worthless and that tensions may be on the verge of exploding, Ta'al chairman Ahmad Tibi told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

In the sweltering heat of Sunday afternoon and the bitter atmosphere of recent days, some 150 people gathered in the Etzion settlement bloc to condemn the slaying of Ali Dawabsha, the Palestinian toddler who was burnt to death in the village of Duma on Friday morning.

The parents and brother of a Palestinian toddler burned to death by suspected Jewish terrorists were still fighting for their lives Saturday, as protests over the firebomb attack on their home entered a second day.

The problem of intimidation of Jews at the holiest site to Jews has reached a critical stage in the last several years, Yisrael Medad, secretary of the Temple Mount Group, said on Wednesday.

The director general of Israel's Foreign Ministry, Dore Gold, called the Middle East's Sunni Arab nations 'Israel's allies.'

A miild earthquake with its epicenter in the Dead Sea region was felt throughout Israel early Thursday morning.

Residents of Beit El, located in Samaria north of Jerusalem, were calling for nationalist MKs to collapse the coalition on Tuesday, after security forces stormed the Draynoff compound in the town ahead of demolition despite the nearly completed legalization process for the buildings.

An international breakthrough in the aviation world will land in Israel in less than a month when the Israel Air Force receives a 3D printer that can manufacture spare parts for fighter jets and Israeli helicopters.

PLO leaders are scheduled to hold a meeting in Ramallah in the coming days to discuss reports about secret meetings between Palestinian and Israeli officials.

Amid heightened hostility on the Temple Mount following Arab rioting on Tisha Be'av and the arrests of two Jews who shouted 'Muhammad is a pig,' a third man was arrested on Tuesday for incitement after repeating the religious slur.

Depicting Israel as a potential victim of the newly concluded Iran nuclear deal, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday launched an unprecedentedly cynical attack on US Secretary of State John Kerry in a private conversation reported by Israel's Army Radio.

Protests continued in the West Bank settlement of Beit El Tuesday night and early Wednesday as hundreds of right-wing activists clashed with police forces to prevent the demolition of two structures in the town.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke Tuesday with Esther Pollard, the wife of Jonathan Pollard, just hours after it was announced that the Israeli agent would be released from his life sentence in US prison.

Violence erupted in the settlement of Beit El near Ramallah late Wednesday night when a group of approximately 200 young adults took control of the so-called Draynoff buildings, two housing structures which the High Court ordered be torn down Sunday night.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sought to quell a budding coalition crisis Tuesday morning, as members of the pro-settler Jewish Home party threatened to hobble, or even topple, his government over its move to clear out illegally built structures in the West Bank.

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday announced a trip to the Mideast next week and then Asia, including a stop in Vietnam. Kerry, however, will not visit Israel.

Hundreds of Israel Police special forces early Tuesday morning stormed illegally constructed buildings in the West Bank settlement of Beit El, where settler demonstrators had barricaded themselves in an attempt to prevent the demolition of the structures.

In a sign that Israel may be trying to restart talks with the Palestinian Authority, Minister Silvan Shalom, who was appointed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to be in charge of peace talks, met last week in Jordan with the PA's chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat.

Jerusalem District Police arrested a Jewish youth Monday who is suspected of incitement at the Temple Mount, where he allegedly repeatedly called out 'Muhammad is a pig.' The incident marked the second such arrest of a Jewish visitor to the Temple Mount for making the insult to Islam's prophet in recent days.

The Arab League will convene to discuss the Temple Mount clashes Sunday between Palestinian youths and Israeli police, settlement construction, and various killings of Palestinians by Israeli forces in the past week, Palestinian officials said Monday.

As Jews in Israel and around the world observed Tisha B'av, the Ninth of Av, on Sunday, a poll found that Israelis' greatest cause for concern is a possible Iranian nuclear attack.

Secretary of State John Kerry said a rejection of the nuclear deal with Iran by the U.S. Congress would put Israel at risk of being 'more isolated and more blamed.'

The state of Kentucky has begun imposing a religious test on volunteer pastor counselors in its youth division, insisting that they refrain from calling homosexuality 'sinful' and dismissing those who cannot bend their religious faith to accommodate the state requirements.

The UN's 54-nation Economic and Social Council singled out Israel as the only violator of economic and social rights in the world, by a resolution adopted on Monday by a majority of 42 states including all EU members.

Less than a day after indicating in a Senate hearing that the Iran nuclear deal would have the US defend Iran from Israel, US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Israel on Friday that a unilateral strike on Iran's covert nuclear program would be a 'huge mistake.'