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Israel-Palestine Update: 28 Dead In 12 Days Of Violence
Violence erupted for a 12th day in Israel, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank Sunday with an Arab-Israeli stabbing four people near a bus stop in northern Israel, Reuters reported. Twenty-four Palestinians and four Israelis have died in the recent wave of attacks that could spiral into another intifada, or uprising. [ 2 Comments ]

With Israel visit, Quartet aims to kick-start peace talks
Representatives of the Middle East Quartet will visit the region next week to meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders and push forward with a renewed efforts to revive the stalled peace process. [ 1 Comment ]

Israel Oil Discovery in the Golan Heights: Massive Reserve Could Meet Domestic Demand
A company drilling for oil on the Golan Heights claims to have found "significant amounts" in the plateau. [ 4 Comments ]

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Israel will be here forever and overcome terrorism, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in his address to the Knesset at the opening of its winter session Monday.

The IDFs Artillery Corps struck two Assad regime military positions after a number of Syrian shells exploded in the northern Golan Heights on Tuesday.

A delegation of Mideast Quartet diplomats who were set to arrive this week canceled their visit per a request by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Four terrorist attacks in the span of 12 hours on Monday have brought Jerusalem to its highest state of alert in years.

Police reported two suspected terror attacks took place at separate locations in Jerusalem on Tuesday morning.

A Palestinian driver activated an explosive device at a checkpoint in the West Bank Sunday morning, lightly wounding a police officer who pulled her over.

Hamas's chief in Gaza on Friday called violence that has hit Israel and the West Bank in recent days an 'intifada' and urged further unrest.

A Gaza-based cleric gave a sermon at a Rafah mosque this past Friday encouraging Palestinians to stab Jews amid a surging wave of terror that has seen near-daily stabbing attacks against Israelis since the beginning of this month.

Israel says it launched an airstrike in the Gaza Strip Sunday after absorbing rocket fire from the region.

Jeremiah Wright, President Barack Obama's former pastor, called Israel an apartheid state and said 'Jesus was a Palestinian' at a rally in Washington hosted by the Rev. Louis Farrakhan.

A senior Russian military delegation will visit Israel on Tuesday for two days of talks on how the countries can avoid accidentally clashing while operating in Syria, an Israeli military officer said.

The current spate of violence has engrossed the Arab sector, just as it has the Jewish one, and worsening conditions could undo progress made in communal relations, figures from the Arab sector told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

Three Arabs were arrested in a joint operation by the Israel Police and the Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet), it was cleared for publication Friday, for preparing a weapons cache to use against security forces on the Temple Mount.

The wave of terrorist attacks in recent days continued Thursday with stabbings in Tel Aviv, Afula, Kiryat Arba and Jerusalem throughout the day, leaving four seriously wounded. One of the assailants was killed at the scene, two were arrested, and another was being hunted by the IDF.

Clashes have broken out in the northern Israeli town of Nazareth. There are reports of injuries and arrests after violence broke out between police and protesters.

With a spate of stabbings deeply unnerving Israelis and riots rocking east Jerusalem and the West Bank, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to pursue those 'who stand behind' the attackers.

Settlement construction now would harm international support for the tough measures Israel is taking against terrorism, a solemn Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday at a special evening press conference that underlined the crisis mode the country has now entered.

Palestinians have been sharing images on Twitter and Facebook of murdered Israelis accompanied by expressions of 'joy' over the terrorist attacks, the Palestinian daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida reported.

Widespread riots continued Wednesday in the West Bank and East Jerusalem despite calls from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to his security forces to calm the situation.

Ze'ev Elkin, a minister in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition and a senior member of the ruling Likud faction, assailed the premier's decision to deny Jewish lawmakers from visiting the Temple Mount in Jerusalem's Old City.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that Jewish members of the Knesset and government ministers would not be allowed to visit the Temple Mount in the wake of recent violence that has raised tensions throughout Israel and the West Bank.

Palestinians and Israeli soldiers clashed across the West Bank on Tuesday as the Israeli military demolished the homes of two alleged Palestinian militants amid escalating violence that is threatening to turn into a full-scale uprising in the region.

Israel will place cameras both on the ground and in the air over the roads in Judea and Samaria that will be linked to command centers to provide immediate IDF response to violence on the roads, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday.

IDF forces overnight between Sunday and Monday raided the West Bank house of Mohand Halabi, the Palestinian terrorist who killed two Israelis on Saturday night in attack in Jerusalem's Old City.

US Secretary of State John Kerry urged Israel and the Palestinians on Monday to demonstrate calm after violent clashes in the Old City of Jerusalem, and to 'avoid further escalation.'

The BBC on Sunday admitted that its initial headline on Saturday's stabbing attack in Jerusalem was wrong, but refused to apologize for using it.

Amid an upsurge of violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank that has raised concerns over a possible Third Intifada, Palestinian terrorist group Islamic Jihad on Sunday threatened to renew suicide bombing attacks against Israeli citizens and soldiers.

IDF forces overnight between Sunday and Monday raided the West Bank house of Mohand Halabi, the Palestinian terrorist who killed two Israelis on Saturday night in attack in Jerusalem's Old City.

A Palestinian source reported on Saturday that an Israeli had shot a six-year-old Palestinian boy, but according to the IDF who investigated the incident alongside Palestinian authorities, it was just a cover story to protect the boy's brother.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday night urged UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to help garner 'international protection for the Palestinian people' amid escalations with Israel, Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.