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Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen, referencing the Congressional Budget Office's long-term budget projections, told the Joint Economic Committee of Congress today that under current policies the federal government’s deficits “will rise to unsustainable levels.”
In 6 Months Since Budget Deal: Debt Up More Than $1 Trillion
In the six months that have passed since then-retiring House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell cut a budget deal with President Barack Obama that suspended the legal limit on the federal debt until March 15, 2017, the federal debt has increased by more than $1 trillion. [ No Comments ]

Trump on track to win GOP nomination on first ballot, delegate analysis finds
Donald Trump was only a tad presumptuous when on April 26 he said, “I consider myself the presumptive nominee — absolutely.” [ No Comments ]

Inside the Secret Meeting Where Wall Street Tested Digital Cash
On a recent Monday in April, more than 100 executives from some of the world’s largest financial institutions gathered for a private meeting at the Times Square office of Nasdaq Inc. They weren’t there to just talk about blockchain, the new technology some predict will transform finance, but to build and experiment with the software. [ No Comments ]

Obama budgets $17,613 for every new illegal minor, more than Social Security retirees get
President Obama has budgeted $17,613 for each of the estimated 75,000 Central American teens expected to illegally cross into the United States this year, $2,841 more than the average annual Social Security retirement benefit, according to a new report. [ 2 Comments ]

Immigration officials knowingly released dozens of murderers back into the U.S. in 2013, according to Obama administration statistics detailing all of the criminal convictions of the more than 36,000 immigrants released from custody last year.
ICE releases 19,723 criminal illegals, 208 convicted of murder, 900 of sex crimes
The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in 2015 decided not to deport but release 19,723 criminal illegal immigrants, including 208 convicted of murder, over 900 convicted of sex crimes and 12,307 of drunk driving, according to new government numbers. [ No Comments ]

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It's a U.S. taxpayer's dream: make the Internal Revenue Service go away, and the largest conservative group in Congress is endorsing just that.

The last thing Democrats want to contend with just a week before the 2016 presidential election is an outcry over double-digit insurance hikes as millions of Americans begin signing up for Obamacare.

Ted Cruz, in his outsider's bid for the White House, has depended heavily on the largesse of just three wealthy donors to establish credibility and stay afloat amid a chaotic nominating process that killed off most of his rivals.

Donald Trump is leading Ted Cruz by a whopping 34 percentage points -- 54%-20% -- among likely Republican voters in California, a SurveyUSA poll for KUSA found.

President Obama took to the airwaves Monday to pressure six Republican senators in their home states over his Supreme Court nominee, amid signs that Democrats are shifting their focus to winning control of the Senate in November rather than filling the high court vacancy.

Key U.S. economic information may have been leaked ahead of its release, judging from the price moves in key equity and bond futures contracts, according to a study released Monday.

Russell Moore, President of the Southern Baptist Conventions Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, is leading the evangelical charge against Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

Seattle police used pepper spray to disperse black-clad anti-capitalist protesters authorities say threw rocks, flares, bricks and Molotov cocktails at officers during a rowdy May Day gathering.

Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla announced that Puerto Rico's government will not make nearly $370 million in bond payments due Monday after a failure to restructure or find a political solution to the U.S. territory's spiraling public debt crisis.

Not a single member of the White House press corps is a registered Republican, according to survey results recently published by Politico.

U.S. corporate profits, weighed down by the energy slump and slowing global growth, are set to decline for the third straight quarter in the longest slide in earnings since the financial crisis.

Homeland Security is leaving thousands of detention beds empty even as it voluntarily releases thousands of murderers, kidnappers and other criminals, the chief of deportations admitted to Congress on Thursday as she faced families of those killed by freed illegal immigrant convicts.

A group of Satanists interrupted pro-life protests outside of Planned Parenthood facilities in Michigan on Saturday, The Blaze reported.

More than a dozen individuals took the stage with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump at an event in Costa Mesa, Calif., Thursday night in an unusual opening to a rally.

Scores of protesters took to the streets Thursday night outside a Donald Trump campaign event here, drawing out police officers in riot and tactical gear and on horseback who sought to disperse the crowd.

Donald Trump isn't the only presidential front-runner this election cycle whose foreign policy views are sparking anger and unease in the rest of the world.

Expect insurers to seek significant premium increases under President Barack Obama's health care law, in a wave of state-level requests rippling across the country ahead of the political conventions this summer.

Carly Fiorina, the recent vice presidential pick for Ted Cruz should he get the Republican nomination, said she was unaware of details regarding a $500,000 contribution a super PAC for the Texas senator gave her fundraising arm last June, according to an interview late Wednesday.

Speaking at the Center for the National Interest, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump laid out his vision for American foreign policy on Wednesday, attacking the Obama administration for a whole host of issues, including the president's treatment of Israel and the controversial Iran nuclear deal.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam on Wednesday signed a bill into law that allows therapists and counselors with 'sincerely held principles' to reject gay, lesbian, transgender and other clients.

The House of Representatives on Wednesday unanimously passed an overhaul of a 30-year-old electronic privacy law that would prevent the government from reading Americans' old emails without a warrant.

An Oklahoma court has shocked local prosecutors by ruling that, according to state law, oral sex with an unconscious victim is not rape.

With the general election in his sights, Republican Donald Trump delivered a sober foreign policy address Wednesday aimed at easing fears about his temperament and readiness to be commander in chief. Rival Ted Cruz made a desperate attempt to jolt the GOP race by tapping Carly Fiorina as his running mate.

Dennis Hastert, the Republican who for eight years presided over the House and was second in the line of succession to the presidency, was sentenced Wednesday to more than a year in prison in the hush-money case that included accusations that he sexually abused teenagers decades ago while coaching at an Illinois high school.

The package of 10 gun control bills, which opponents are calling 'Gun-Megeddon,' has firearms owners fearful of losing their Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Secretary of State John Kerry and his wife Teresa Heinz have invested millions of U.S. dollars through family trusts in at least 11 offshore tax havens, according to an analysis by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Hillary Clinton dominated the Northeast on Tuesday and racked up big primary wins in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut and Maryland, leaving Democratic rival Sen. Bernard Sanders with just a consolation prize in Rhode Island and tightening her own grip on the Democratic nod.

The Obama administration faces accusations it has been misleading Congress about the amount and destination of sanctions relief being provided to Iran as part of last summer's nuclear agreement, according to lawmakers and congressional sources who expressed anger at the administration over a range of contradictory facts being offered about the payouts.

The cost of U.S. regulations is now larger than Germany's economy, amounting to a $4 trillion loss to the American economy, according to a new study by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

Children born to refugees receive more government benefits like food stamps, cash assistance, and Supplemental Security Income than native-born children, according to a report from the Migration Policy Institute.