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Trump wins, Kasich takes 2nd in GOP New Hampshire primary; Sanders Wins Every Demographic Group Against Clinton
Donald Trump is the winner in the New Hampshire Republican primary and Ohio Gov. John Kasich will take second place, Fox News projects. [ No Comments ]

Obama Budget Would Add Another $9.3 Trillion to the Debt
President Barack Obama presented a budget to Congress on Tuesday that if enacted would add nearly $10 trillion to the national debt, according to the White House's projections. [ 4 Comments ]

Border Patrol In Montana
Obama reinstates 'catch-and-release' policy for illegal immigrants
The Obama administration has revived the maligned illegal immigrant 'catch-and-release' policy of the Bush years, ordering Border Patrol agents not to bother arresting and deporting many new illegal immigrants, the head of the agents' labor union revealed Thursday. [ 3 Comments ]

U.S. creates 151,000 jobs in January; unemployment 4.9%
The U.S. created 151,000 new jobs in January, a sharp slowdown after a torrid pace of hiring in the waning months of 2015. Economists polled by MarketWatch had expected an increase of 180,000 nonfarm jobs. The unemployment rate, meanwhile, dipped below 5% for the first time in eight years, falling to 4.9%. [ 2 Comments ]

Obama proposes carbon tax on oil
The White House on Thursday announced its latest plan to address climate change by levying a $10 per-barrel tax on crude oil. [ 2 Comments ]

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The Supreme Court has put a stop to President Obama's plans to curb carbon emission while 29 states challenge the law in a lower court.

President Obama has packed more than 20 new tax increases into his proposed 2016 budget, which Republicans roundly blasted Monday as a tax-and-spend agenda that won't get their support.

In testimony before Congress on Tuesday, National Intelligence Director James Clapper said the Islamic State will likely attempt an attack on U.S. soil this year and that North Korea has restarted a plutonium reactor.

A federal judge said Tuesday he was disturbed by the State Department's failure to meet a deadline he ordered to finish the public release of 54,000 pages of email messages Hillary Clinton sent or received during her four years as secretary of state.

The number of illegal aliens from terrorist nations slipping across the U.S. border has been on the rise in recent years and shows no sign of abating, according to an investigative report citing confidential leaked documents.

Donald Trump on the day New Hampshire voters head to the polls in the primary election estimated for the first time that his infamous wall on the southern border would cost $8 billion -- and insisted yet again that Mexico will pay for it.

A pro-choice group kicked off a corn chip controversy Sunday night when it mocked a Doritos commercial as being 'anti-choice' for using the 'tactic of humanizing fetuses.'

In one of his final pitches to New Hampshire voters, Sen. Marco Rubio called for the GOP to avoid nominating a candidate who is not devoted to reversing the policies put into place by President Obama's administration.

Some 605,000 undocumented immigrants who live in California were granted driver's licenses in 2015, the first year they have been able to enjoy that benefit, officials said Monday.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has erased Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's wide lead for the Democratic presidential nomination since the start of year, putting the two in a dead heat nationally, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

As part of one of his final pitches to New Hampshirites, Jeb Bush and his allies mocked former protege Marco Rubio Sunday after the Florida senator repeated the same line nearly verbatim numerous times in Saturday night's debate.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders lead their respective fields with mere days before the New Hampshire primary.

New York will investigate the Indian Point Energy Center after Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he learned that 'radioactive tritium-contaminated water' leaked into the groundwater at the nuclear facility in Westchester County.

Donald Trump revived questions of President Barack Obama's religion on Wednesday, saying the President went to a mosque in Baltimore because 'maybe he feels comfortable there.'

This year's presidential primaries have already broken several rules of politics, and new spending data suggests another shift in modern campaigning -- a decline in polling, at least among GOP candidates.

A 2005 spate of quakes in California's Central Valley almost certainly was triggered by oilfield injection underground, a study published Thursday said in the first such link in California between oil and gas operations and earthquakes.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders continues to hold a wide lead over Hillary Clinton among likely New Hampshire primary voters, according to a new CNN/WMUR tracking poll conducted entirely after the Iowa caucuses.

The FBI conducted more gun-related background checks this January than in any other January since the system was created.

Rick Santorum endorsed Marco Rubio for president on Wednesday evening, just hours after it was widely reported that he'd drop out of the race himself.

Apparently neither lawsuits nor indictments can stop the Center for Medical Progress from releasing anti-Planned Parenthood videos.

The Pentagon will seek a 35 percent increase in funding for the fight against Islamic State in its next budget, bringing the request for U.S. military efforts against the terrorist group to $7.5 billion, according to a defense official.

The Obama administration next week will propose a 1.6 percent pay increase for federal employees, an administration official said on Wednesday.

President Barack Obama sought Wednesday to correct what he called a 'hugely distorted impression' of Muslim-Americans as he made his first visit to a U.S. mosque. He said those who demonize all Muslims for the acts of a few are playing into extremists' hands.

House Speaker Paul Ryan kicked off a policy summit at the Heritage Foundation with a clear message for the conservatives who have been his allies over the years but made life hard for former Speaker John Boehner: Please don't revolt, at least not this year.

The Obama administration deliberately withheld information and kept Congress in the dark on how it was going to prioritize payments if the debt ceiling was not raised, according documents subpoenaed by the House Financial Services Committee.

The White House has issued two more veto threats against Republican-sponsored bills, picking up the pace of confrontation with GOP leaders.

Donald Trump said Ted Cruz 'stole' his win in the Iowa caucus after the Texas senator's staff spread rumors that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race with the hopes of garnering the retired neurosurgeon's votes -- and as a result, Mr. Cruz's votes should be 'nullified'.

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said Tuesday he accepts the apology of his rival Ted Cruz over members of his staff spreading word that he had ended his campaign, but added that someone should pay for the action.

Rand Paul is dropping out of the 2016 race for president.

As interest rates turn negative around the world, the Federal Reserve is asking banks to consider the possibility of the same happening in the U.S.