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Trump's Evangelical Advisers Respond to Calls for Them to Abandon Him: It Would Be 'Immoral'
Jack Graham, pastor of the Dallas-area, 40,000-member Prestonwood Baptist Church, told CP in a Friday phone interview that the group of evangelical pastors and leaders is now called The Faith Leaders Initiative, and that they are not an official council or government body. They function in a primarily pastoral and spiritual capacity even as they do have the president's ear on many issues that matter to them, he said. Amid the calls for members of this group to resign, Graham said that as far as he was concerned, it would be "immoral" to do so. [ 6 Comments ]

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Abraham Lincoln monument torched in Chicago: ‘An absolute disgraceful act’
Abraham Lincoln has joined George Washington on the list of those targeted by Chicagoans in a national debate over Civil War-era monuments. [ 3 Comments ]

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'There's a new sheriff in town': Inside Steve Bannon's ouster
President Trump's decision to remove Steve Bannon, his chief strategist, came after a period of internal and external pressure to part ways with the controversial figure, and it was no coincidence that the move happened just a few weeks into the tenure of chief of staff John Kelly, White House aides and allies said. [ No Comments ]

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U.S. Hiding Key Details of Mystery Attacks on American Diplomats in Cuba
The number of U.S. government personnel targeted by a mysterious illness in Cuba last year is greater than the Trump administration has publicly acknowledged, according to multiple U.S. officials who told the Washington Free Beacon the Obama administration may have misled Congress about the full scope and nature of the attack. [ No Comments ]

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Mainstream conservative groups alarmed to be found on 'hate map'
Brad Dacus was thousands of miles away in California last weekend when the Charlottesville protest erupted, so he was flabbergasted when CNN labeled his Pacific Justice Institute a hate group. [ 3 Comments ]

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Media working overtime to prove Trump is a racist
Major media outlets this week encouraged people to speculate on whether President Trump is a racist and even commissioned artists to convey the idea that he is, but still fell short of generating a consensus that Trump is prejudiced against non-whites. [ 3 Comments ]

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Trump's attacks could leave him friendless if impeachment comes
President Donald Trump has stepped up his attacks on Republican senators, an approach he may regret if he is someday impeached and the Senate has to weigh charges against him stemming from an investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election. [ 5 Comments ]

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U.S. court rules Arkansas can block Planned Parenthood funding
A U.S. appeals court on Wednesday reversed a ruling that prevented Arkansas from cutting off Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood following the release of controversial videos secretly recorded by an anti-abortion group. [ 1 Comment ]

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Trump Administration Calls to End Marketing of 3-Parent Embryo Experiments
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has demanded a fertility doctor halt all marketing on an unapproved IVF experiment that creates a human embryo by combining DNA from three separate people. [ 2 Comments ]

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Trump disbands two economic advisory councils after mass resignations of business leaders
President Trump disbanded two of his economic advisory councils Wednesday, faced with the embarrassing resignations of numerous business leaders amid rising condemnation over his comments about violence at a white nationalist rally and a liberal pressure campaign. [ 2 Comments ]

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FOMC Minutes Highlight 'Growing Rift' at Fed
Central bankers on the Federal Open Market Committee appear to be uncertain of what's in store for America's inflationary indicators, which could rankle investors and complicate interest-rate and balance-sheet decisions through the rest of the year. [ No Comments ]

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Chicago Pastor Wants Names Removed From Washington, Jackson Parks Due to Slavery
A Chicago pastor has called on Mayor Rahm Emmanuel to rename two parks named for former Presidents George Washington and Andrew Jackson, both slaveholders. [ 9 Comments ]

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Baltimore mayor says she wanted to remove Confederate statues 'quickly and quietly'
Baltimore's mayor said she wanted to move 'quickly and quietly' after officials approved a plan to remove four Confederate statues Monday night, a decision that came amid a national furor over a violent white nationalist gathering in Virginia organized to protest the removal of a Confederate statue there. [ 1 Comment ]

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Special counsel's Russia probe loses top FBI investigator
One of the FBI's top investigators, tapped by special counsel Robert Mueller just weeks ago to help lead the probe of Russian meddling in last year's presidential election, has left Mueller’s team, sources tell ABC News. [ No Comments ]

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Antifa: Left-wing militants on the rise
The violence and murder of a protester in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend has been attributed to far-right elements that descended on the city to demonstrate against the proposed removal of a statue of Confederate war hero Robert E Lee. [ No Comments ]