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Iran Violates Past Nuclear Promises on Eve of Deal
Senior Obama administration officials are defending Iranian nuclear violations in the aftermath of a bombshell report published Wednesday by the United Nations indicating that Iran has failed to live up to its nuclear-related obligations, according to sources apprised of the situation. [ 2 Comments ]

Secretary of State John Kerry, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif
Iran Takes Hard Line on Inspections, Sanctions at Nuke Talks
Iran took a hard line Thursday on two of the biggest demands of world powers in a final nuclear accord, rejecting any extraordinary inspection rules and threatening to ramp up enrichment of bomb-making material if the United States and other countries re-impose sanctions after the deal is in place. [ 2 Comments ]

Andy Burnham at Liverpool Biennial 2008 Opening .
UK Labor Leader: Faith Schools Must be Forced to Teach about Homosexuality
Faith schools must be forced to teach about gay and lesbian relationships on a par with heterosexual couples, the Labour leadership front-runner Andy Burnham told The Telegraph. [ 9 Comments ]

Obama Blocks Plan to Fight ISIS
The United States has blocked attempts by its Middle East allies to fly heavy weapons directly to the Kurds fighting Islamic State jihadists in Iraq. [ 22 Comments ]

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russia foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, during final negotiating session over agreement to eliminate Syria's chemical weapons. September 14, 2013, Geneva Switzerland.
U.S. unprepared for chemical attack as Islamic State nears Syria's stockpile
The U.S. government is unprepared for a chemical attack against the homeland, a new report shows, even as the Islamic State takes responsibility for more terror attacks around the world and inches closer to gaining access to Syria's chemical weapons stockpile. [ No Comments ]

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Report: ISIS used advanced Russian weapons in Sinai attacks
A newspaper close to the Egyptian government reported Thursday that the Islamic State-linked militants who attacked troops in the Sinai Peninsula on Wednesday used sophisticated weaponry, including Russian-made Kornet anti-tank missiles.

Egyptian Military: We won't stop until Sinai is clear of terror
Egyptian military officials responded harshly to a string of coordinated attacks in the Sinai Peninsula Wednesday, confidently declaring that military efforts would continue in the region 'until Sinai is clear of all terror.'

Syria conflict: Massive rebel assault to take Aleppo
Syrian rebels led by Islamist groups have begun a massive assault that aims to take full control of the northern city of Aleppo, monitors report.

Greek banks down to 500m Euros in cash reserves as economy crashes
Greece is sliding into a full-blown national crisis as the final cash reserves of the banking system evaporate by the hour and swathes of industry start to shut down, precipitating the near disintegration of the ruling coalition.

74 children executed by ISIS for 'crimes' that include refusal to fast, report says
The blood-soaked executioners of ISIS have spared neither women nor children since the jihadist army established its caliphate a year ago, putting an estimated 74 kids and even more women to death for such offenses as practicing 'magic' and refusing to fast during Ramadan.

5 concessions that could sink an Iran nuclear deal
The Obama administration has said consistently for two years that it wants to reach an agreement that ensures Iran's nuclear program remains peaceful and can never be used to develop a nuclear weapon.

Iraq, North Korea failures shadow nuclear talks with Iran
Their inability to detect clandestine atomic programs in Iraq and North Korea shadows Western officials as they seek to curb Iran's known nuclear activities and keep it from pursuing others in secret.

Iran Repatriates 13 Tons of Gold Under Sanctions Relief
Iranian officials said Monday that the Islamic Republic's Central Bank has successfully repatriated 13 tons of gold as part of a package of sanctions relief provided to Iran by U.S. and Western powers.

Muslim Brotherhood calls for Egypt 'rebellion'
The Muslim Brotherhood says its leaders killed in a Cairo apartment were murdered in 'in cold blood,' calling for a rebellion against President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who it calls a 'butcher.'

IAEA says Iran uranium stockpile reduced, but questions remain
Iran's stockpile of low-enriched uranium gas dropped below the maximum level required under a 2013 interim nuclear agreement with world powers, a U.N. report showed, but a U.S. think-tank suggested Tehran had not entirely met its obligations.

Greece: Shuttered banks keep lifeline while Athens, lenders wait for referendum
Greece braced for more chaos on the streets outside its mostly shuttered banks Thursday, as Athens and its creditors halted talks on resolving the country's deepening financial crisis until a referendum this weekend.

Attacks underscore ISIL's reach year after declaring caliphate
A series of deadly terrorist attacks in the past week across Europe, Africa and the Middle East underscore the Islamic State's increasing ability to spread fear, change societies and impact economies since declaring a caliphate a year ago.

U.N. slashes food aid to Syrian refugees
The United Nations said Wednesday that it is slashing food aid for Syrians because of funding shortfalls that are already deepening the suffering of millions of refugees from their country's protracted civil war.

Nuclear Deal Would Leave Iran With 5,000 Centrifuges
Iran will be permitted to operate more than 5,000 nuclear centrifuges under any final deal secured in the coming days, according to Western sources who fear that the Islamic Republic could use such technology to continue building a nuclear weapon.

At least 30 Egyptian soldiers killed in coordinated Sinai attacks
Islamic militants staged simultaneous attacks, including a suicide car bombing, on army checkpoints in northern Sinai, killing at least 30 soldiers Wednesday morning, Egyptian security and military officials said.

Poll: 85% of Greeks Believe the Jews Have Too Much Power Over Global Finance
A new poll by the Anti-Defamation League found that the majority of Greeks continue to hold anti-Semitic views about Jewish control over finance and the global economy, despite a recent drop in anti-Jewish attitudes in other parts of Europe.

950 Hezbollah operatives, 300 Hamas members in Germany -- intelligence report
The number of Islamists in Germany increased to 43,890 in 2014 from 43,190 in 2013, according to a report released on Tuesday by the country's domestic intelligence agency.

Egypt's Top Prosecutor Assassinated
Egypt's top public prosecutor was killed by a car bomb attack on his convoy on Monday, the most senior state official to die at the hands of militants since the toppling of an Islamist president two years ago.

Obama says US could 'walk away' from Iran nuclear talks, as deadline extended
President Obama threatened to 'walk away' from a nuclear deal with Iran if it fails to keep tabs on the country's compliance, as the negotiations were extended past their original Tuesday deadline amid sharp disagreements.

Greece threatens top court action to block Grexit
Greece has threatened to seek a court injunction against the EU institutions, both to block the country's expulsion from the euro and to halt asphyxiation of the banking system.

Iran: Obama sent new secret letter to Tehran
US President Barack Obama recently sent a 'secret message' to Iran's leadership regarding negotiations over its nuclear program, the Islamic republic's semi-official Fars news agency reported Monday night.

Erdogan Planning Turkish Invasion of Syria?
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday chaired a top security meeting as media speculated that Ankara was planning a military intervention in Syria, following gains there by Kurds against the jihadists.

France preparing to resume business with Iran
France is gearing up for the resumption of its substantial economic dealings with Iran, under the assumption that a nuclear agreement with Tehran is likely in the near future, Reuters reported Monday night.

Merkel and Hollande Turn Away From Greece
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande signaled they've reached the limits of their ability to safeguard Greece, offering the government no further concessions to step back from the brink.

The world is defenceless against the next financial crisis, warns BIS
The world will be unable to fight the next global financial crash as central banks have used up their ammunition trying to tackle the last crises, the Bank of International Settlements has warned.

As Kurds gain in Syria, Turkey ponders stronger military action
As Kurdish rebels in northern Syria rack up wins against the Islamic State group, Turkish media is abuzz with talk of a long-debated military intervention to push the Islamic militants back from the Turkish border -- a move that will also outflank any Kurdish attempts to create a state along Turkey's southern frontier.

Russia's Putin reaffirms support for Syrian leadership
President Vladimir Putin said at the start of talks with Syria's foreign minister on Monday that there was no change in Russia's support for the Syrian leadership.

Greece will not pay IMF loan due on Tuesday
Greece will not pay a 1.6 billon euro loan installment due to the International Monetary Fund on Tuesday, a Greek government official confirmed on Monday, highlighting the depth of the financial crisis facing the country.

Huge crowds for Berlin Gay Pride after historic US ruling
Several hundred thousand people filled the streets of Berlin for the city's Gay Pride parade on Saturday, a day after the US Supreme Court legalised same-sex marriage nationwide.

Iran evades sanctions to defend against EMP
With a deadline looming on nuclear talks with Iran, Tehran has revealed it has developed a 'filter' to protect against an electromagnetic pulse attack targeting key national security facilities.

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